Arizona Residents ... and a word from the MP

Good morning, all!

As you have likely surmised from Tanner's post a bit earlier this morning, I am going to be away for a few days, taking part in what started out as a road trip with a friend and has turned into an impromptu rescue mission.  More about that later ...

Leaving the kids is always a bit difficult - no matter how much I am anticipating a trip, it's always a little (or a lot) wrenching to leave them.  Oftentimes (most times, actually), the dogs can come along, and when that is possible, it does make things a bit easier, though I still hate leaving the cats to be "sat on" as they would put it.  I have every faith in the caretaker I am leaving in charge, or else I wouldn't be going, but nonetheless, I naturally feel that no one can care for them as well as I can.  Also, I will miss them horribly, and though I don't delude myself into thinking that they will be moping around and dejected in my absence, (nor would I WANT them to be!), I do know that they miss me.  Further, the routine preparation for a trip always elicits some tension in the crew.  The dogs walk the line between excitement and anxiety, as they know full well that sometimes they get to come along, and sometimes they don't, so they don't quite know how to react.  The cats are different.  They know I'm leaving, and they know that they're not coming along, nor would they want to even if I offered, I don't think, and it naturally breeds some unease. 

Now ... moving on.  The next state to be featured in the
 ..... is Arizona!

So at this time, I'd like to again ask for feedback from anyone out there from Arizona who's reading this!  Please send me a comment and let me know which shelter in your state you'd like to see featured.  The kids and/or I may or may not be blogging in my absence, but when I return, I'll be continuing the 50/50 by choosing a dog and a cat from a city or county shelter in Arizona.  See you all then!


Chicco said...

Hello! very beautiful your blog, and i follow you now. come to follow me in my blog too??


Sue said...

Congrats on being Blog of the Month at Dog Foster Mom's blog. We had the honor last month.

When you get to Missouri we have a favorite shelter. C.A.R.E is a no kill shelter that rescues dogs and cats from death row at other shelters. We'd be happy to give you info if you'd like it.
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

Tucker said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't even know that we received that award! Thanks for letting us know! We'll definitely keep C.A.R.E. at the top of the list for Missouri. Thanks for letting us know about them!