Wednesday Walk-About ...

So once a week or so, Mom & Aunt K. like to go out somewhere in the neighborhood after work, have a glass of wine, something yummy to eat, and just chat.  Fortunately for Phoebe, Cosmo, and myself, they say they always have a better time when the three of us are along.  Score!

Tonight we actually had a mission ... to pick up the glazed pawprint tiles we had made during the Christmas Block Pawty.  Mom figured we'd better pick them up soon ... or before we knew it it would be NEXT Christmas!  Time has a way of slipping past almost faster than we can keep up with.  So after Phoebe, Cosmo, and I had eaten dinner, we headed down to Hyde Park Village to Color Me Mine to pick up the tiles.

Color Me Mine is a place where you can go in and make your own handpainted pottery.  Sometimes when we walk by there on weekends, we see lots of little kids having birthday parties.  It always seems like they're having lots of fun!

Then we went to eat at The Wine Exchange, which is probably our most favorite dog friendly eatery.  (Mom & Aunt K. highly recommend the Athenian Pizza, the Chocolate Chip Fudge dessert, and pretty much everything else they've got going there!  Too bad we didn't get to take home a doggy bag!)

This fountain is right outside the back of Wine Exchange.  Mom forgot to take a picture of the front entrance!  (She says it is because the doggie entrance is at the rear because that's where the patio is.)

While there, Phoebe and I caught up on the Village news ...
 And we also noticed that there were some really cool drawings all over the sidewalk .... like this ...

Blue Moon happens to be one of Mom's favorite beers! 

This one of a koi pond was cool, too! 

Well ... this explains all the chalk drawings!  Who knew? 

Why, thank you ... don't mind if we do! 

And that's it for us ... we're off to bed soon.  We wish you pleasant dreams and hope to see you again tomorrow!


Mr. Pip said...

Thanks for your nice wishes for Sweet Pea. I LOVE LOVE your new header picture.

Your pal, Pip

Terry said...

Why Tucker, what a handsome dog in the header!
It sounds like you all had a really nice day.

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Why do you get to go to such cool places an the best we get to do is to sit in the car and watch people walk into Target, I think we are getting ripped off.

Old Kitty said...

What a lovely evening out!! Yay for doggie friendly places!!! Me and Charlie love these chalk paintings - amazing!! Thanks for a great night out - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!!
:-) Take care

bbes tribe said...

So kool!!! A doggie friendly eatery, a great walk and catching up on all the pee mail AND those chalk drawings.
Wags & wiggles