We're hoppin!

Good morning, everyone! It's me, Tucker!

It's a gorgeous day here in Tampa, and Phoebe, Cosmo, and I have already been to the dog park.  Here we are in the car. 

(Mom used that lomo setting again and then put the oil painting filter over it.  And I'll tell you a secret ... she'd been looking at that setting on the flashy box for a long time and never even knew what it did until our friends at Two Pitties In The City  clued her in!  Now she's obsessed!) 

Anyway, now we're home, and Mom says that we might have to go to work for a little bit later on, but right now we're Blog Hoppin'!  As always, we thank our gracious hosts Two Little Cavaliers, Confessions of the Plume, and Life With Dogs for "puttin' on the hop!"

Have a wonderful Saturday and an awesome weekend, everyone! May it be chock-full of all that you enjoy!


OKcats said...

Sounds like a great day!

OscarBlogger said...

You pups look so cute sharing that backseat! I will have to learn how to take some fancier pictures. All I can do is point and shoot - and even then sometimes it doesn't work out so well! :) Happy blog hopping!

Old Kitty said...

Your mum is so creative, Tucker!! Hello to Phoebe and Cosmo too!!!! Take care