Hi, I'm Tucker! Actually, if you want to be formal, my name is Tucker Benjamin CGC TDI  (Benjamin is my middle name and the initials after my name stand for Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International.  I'd tell you my last name, too, but Mom says that isn't a good idea.)  I'm a Powderpuff Chinese Crested (either that or a hairy hairless ... my past is somewhat shrouded in mystery so no one really knows, and frankly I don't really care).  Mom says it doesn't matter, because no matter what breed I am, I am still the very best dog in the history of the world!  And ya know, I'm ok with that! 

I started this blog to meet new friends and share the stories of my daily life.  Sometimes it's not too exciting, but we usually have a pretty good time.  To meet my dog sister, Phoebe, or my feline sibs Olivia, Tanner, and Finn, visit their pages.  They post from time to time ... because I let them.  But this is still MY blog!

I think good posture is very important!