Who needs trees?

When you have really tall furniture? 

What's that you say, Mom? I'm not supposed to be up here?  Certainly I misunderstood. 


Well, if I really must get down, at least take my picture for posterity. 

Ok, thanks.  You may lift me down now. 


What day is this?

Hi, everyone, it's me, Phoebe ...

And guess what? 

Today is ....


I must have worked really hard!  Do you think I should ask for a raise?


Phoebe and Finn's Fabulous Finds

Hi, everyone ... it's me, Phoebe!  Don't be misled by this photo Mom snapped of me a little while ago ...

I'm wide awake now!

So Olivia has her Opinions ...

Tanner has his Mancat Mandates ...

And of course, as Tucker is so fond of reminding everyone ... he has this whole blog. 

And that is all fine and good ... but Finn and I were talking recently, and we feel that as the two youngest kids in the house, we are getting a little bit ripped off.  I have plenty of opinions.  Finn is a year old now and technically a mancat so I suppose he could start mandating if he had a mind to.  I could start a blog if I wanted to ... though it might cut into the time I would otherwise devote to being adorable, playing with my toys, and stuff like that.  So what we've decided is that the two of us will jointly launch, under the umbrella of what we know is STILL TUCKER'S BLOG! ... Phoebe and Finn's Fabulous Finds! 

Anytime we find something that we really think is great and that we want our fellow dogs or cats to know about, we'll post it here! 

My first Find is the Together Tag .  We've had our Together Tags for about two years now, ever since we found out about them on Dogster, and we think they're just wonderful! 

Full details on how Together Tag works can be found at the link provided, but in a nutshell, when you register for your Together Tag, you upload a minimum of one photo to the website, and provide your contact information, alternate local contact information, and an out of area contact person.  You'll receive your Together Tag in the mail, and it will have your name and phone # right on the tag, plus your Together Tag ID#, and the web address.  So if get lost and someone finds you, they can go to the website, type in your ID# and your mom or dad will be contacted.  Also, if heaven forbid you do get lost, obviously your mom person or dad person is going to be very upset, and will want to try to do everything they can to get you back again.  Together Tag also helps with this.  Your MP or DP can go to the website, report that you're lost, and where/when you were last seen.  This information is then sent to local vet offices and shelters in the TT network.  And since it's important to spread the word far and wide, you can quickly and easily design and print "Lost Pet" flyers right from the Together Tag website.

I think it's a Fabulous Find and it makes Mom glad to know that we're all wearing ours in case we should ever get separated from her.  Get yours today!  (Or have your MP or DP get it for you!  I don't know about anyone else, but Mom won't let us use the credit card.)


50 Shelters / 50 States: Hawaii

Aloha, everyone!  It's the MP here ... and I know Tucker would want me to apologize to all of you for
basically being MIA for an entire week!  There were a lot of things going on last week, and we were also out of town for the Easter weekend, so did not have much opportunity to blog.  I imagine Tucker will be back tomorrow to fill everyone in on what he and the gang have been up to, but meanwhile, I wanted to get back on track with the 50/50:

Quick aside:  I pretty much love all dogs.  Some more than others, of course.  I've tried not to let my preferences show insofar as the 50/50 goes, and in fact, most of the dogs I've featured in this blog series are not those that I would probably choose for myself, mainly because of size.  I've never talked about this before on the blog, (I don't think?) but I grew up with lots of dogs.  Mine is a very "doggy" family in general - on both my mother's and father's side.  And probably because my personal view of things (which I recognize is inherently flawed and possibly discriminatory, but who cares?) is that I don't really so much like or trust or want to be around people who don't love animals, I've naturally been around a lot of dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and temperaments.  Almost without exception, I've found something to love about all of them.  And whether it was the dogs I grew up with or those I've lived with as an adult, a great many of them have been large dogs ... Malamutes, German Shepherds, Labs, Goldens, Bullmastiffs, Dobes, Great Danes, etc. 

Over the last few years, though, I've lived exclusively with small dogs, and although I still love big dogs, I've discovered that my current lifestyle is much more suited to smaller dogs.  I like to travel, for example, and I don't like to leave my dogs home, even though I have an awesome pet sitter who stays at the house and who the dogs absolutely adore.  Smaller dogs are more portable.  Tucker & Phoebe are both under the weight limit (Tucker just barely) to travel in-cabin on planes, but they are also super easy to travel with in cars, stay with in hotels (and are small enough to sneak in if absolutely necessary), and as they are also non-shedding and well-behaved, are welcome at the homes of any family or friends I care to visit.  They are also welcome at my office, which is not only nice for me, it also is really fun for them.  And no matter how well-behaved they were, I probably would not be able to bring a Giant Schnauzer, German Shepherd, Briard, Bouvier des Flandres, Irish Wolfhound, Greyhound, or Scottish Deerhound (all large or giant breeds I would really love to have the opportunity to live with at some point) to work with me as I can Tucker & Phoebe.  So in the event I was to get a third dog (which I think about constantly but probably will not ever actually do), it would almost certainly be a smaller one.   

Like Patches, for example! 

Is he a doll or what?  On his writeup from the Maui Humane Society it says that he is a Jack Russell mix, but I'm not really seeing it.  I see more Sheltie.  What do you guys think? 

Either way, he's cute as a bug, and were I in the market for another dog, I'd definitely be giving this sixteen month old, seventeen pound, neutered male cutie a good look!  I think he's just precious! 

If interested in Patches, please contact the Maui Humane Society at 808-877-3680, extension 23, or email them at adoptions@mauihumanesociety.org

And now, meet Clark! 

He's a stunning adult neutered male domestic medium hair and I think he looks rather festive in his lei, don't you?  Like Patches, he's also residing at the Maui Humane Society, so if you want to meet Clark, give them a call or an email at the same contact information above.

Aloha until next time! 


Tabbycat Tuesday with Tanner

Hi, everyone ... it's me, Tanner.  I don't know about all of you, but ...

I'm pretty tired!  It's been a long day, so I'm off to catch a quick nap before dinner. 


Olivia's Opinions

Happy Monday, everyone!  It's me, Olivia!  And my Opinion for today is ...



50 Shelters - 50 States: Georgia

Hi, everyone!  It's the MP, here to continue our 50/50 Tour.  We're in Georgia today, and just look at these peaches I have for you to meet!

This is Scooter! 

Isn't he just adorable?  Now, I must confess ... I grew up with Beagles (a few different family members had them), and am the proud aunt of a lovely Beagle girl, S., who belongs to my best friend J.  So I am a bit partial to these guys.  But in all honesty - who WOULDN'T fall in love with Scooter?!!!  This guy is reportedly very affectionate and wants to be a lap dog.  He is neutered, housebroken, and crate-trained, and gets along well with cats and other dogs?  Potential adopters, though, should be aware that no matter how well-trained they might otherwise be, Beagles are scenthounds, and often, aptly, termed "a nose with legs."  They will follow their nose to just about anywhere, including right into oncoming traffic.  So if you adopt Scooter, make sure to keep him on a leash when not in a securely fenced area!

Can you offer Scooter a loving home?  He's waiting for you at the Humane Society of Griffin-Spalding County

So give them a call at 770-229-4925 or email them at catsanddogs4you@yahoo.com

And here is a little girl who is just going to melt your heart!  Meet Fanny!

Fanny is a lovely longhaired calico girl who has had a rough time of things.  As a kitten, she fell victim, as many cats and kittens allowed to roam around outside do, to a car engine.  Her leg was broken in two places and she lost an eye.  Now, as a young adult, she is waiting at the Barnesville Lamar County Humane Society in Barnesville, GA, for her luck to change.  This is one little girl who has certainly earned her happy ending!  If you or someone you know is interested in making Fanny a part of their family, they can call 770-468-1409 or email blchumanesoc@bellsouth.net


Where Am I Wednesday?

Voila ... c'est moi, Olivia! 

Hey, wait a minute ... what happened to my face? Half of it seems to be missing? 

So I guess I'd better go look for it!  But remember ... if you want to be in the drawing to receive a present from little old moi ... just leave me a comment here.  I'll be picking the winner on May 1st. 


Just call me Paw-casso!

Hi, everyone, it's me, Tucker!  And, I just realized that I completely forgot to share with you my artistic masterpiece from last weekend!

So here it is:
It might not look like much ... but I worked really hard on it!

It looks better if I'm in the picture, too!  Don't you think?

Ok, gotta go!  I think we're leaving work soon!  


Man-Cat Monday with Tanner & Finn

Happy Monday, everyone. It's the resident Man-Cats, Tanner & Finn.  Actually, I, Tanner, am authoring this post, but Finn kept saying that since he has now had his first birthday, he is officially a man-cat as well.  I think I pretty much achieved my manliness at birth, so it's tough for me to judge, and if I don't get some clarification, a certain black kitten is going to be horning in on all my Man-Cat Mondays from now on.    So I'd like to ask all you other man-cats out there ... how old were you before you became as manly as you are today? 

And for all you lady cats ... THIS is why Mom calls me The Studmuffin!

And oh, yeah ... here's Finn ...  

Oh, and P.S.  For anyone who wants to get in on the giveaway that Olivia is doing, just send her a comment here and tell her what your favorite Birthday or Gotcha Day present was.  Then, on May 1st, she'll do a drawing and send some lucky winner a special present!


A Day of Thanksgiving ...

Good morning, friends.  It's me, Olivia.  And I've been thinking ...

Earlier this week, I posted about how Mom forgot my birthday .  And to be honest, I still wish she hadn't forgotten.  On the other hand, though, I also know that it's not presents that make a birthday or other holiday special.  The most important thing, not just on birthdays or holidays, but every day, is that we have people to love, who love us, and I have that.  And even though Tanner and Finn do bug me sometimes (like about 23 out of every 24 hours), I wouldn't really want them to move away.  Well ... sometimes.   

Anyway, the point is, now that my righteous indignation over my forgotten birthday has faded, I realize that I'm a very lucky girl indeed.  So instead of thinking about ways to get even with Mom for forgetting it, I'm going to GIVE  a present to one of my new friends! 

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what your favorite birthday or Gotcha Day present has been, and I'll put you in the hat (really I'll use one of those randomizer things) to receive a very special present from yours truly.  The present will depend upon who actually wins, since I wouldn't want to send cat treats to one of my woofie friends, or vice versa.   

Well, have a restful Sunday, everyone  ...

Me, with my favorite brother ...


We've been remiss ...

Hi, everyone ... MP again ... and I feel terrible.  In the last few weeks, I've been "visiting," via the Petfinder website, various shelters across the country with the intent to profile a dog and cat from a state or county run shelter in each state for the 50 Shelters / 50 States blog series, but it has just come to my attention from a new blog friend, Vicki, of Bunny's Blog, who stopped by during today's Blog Hop, that I've been seriously remiss.  Anyone who has visited an animal shelter knows that there are not just dogs and cats residing there, waiting patiently and hopefully for someone to come along and offer them a loving, permanent home.  There are also hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, sometimes small psittacine birds such as budgies and cockatiels, and ... rabbits.  Oddly enough, in a life that's been populated with many wonderful, deeply cherished, animal companions, I've never shared my home with a rabbit.  I'm not really sure why, because I find them quite charming.  Unfortunately, and hardly surprisingly, they've also become synonomous with the commercialized Easter holiday, and many children beg their parents for an "Easter bunny," only to grow disenchanted with them in the months to follow, whereupon the rabbit ends up in a shelter, rabbit rescue group, or sometimes is simply turned loose to fend for itself. 

But as you'll learn here in this link to Bunny's blog , the Columbus House Rabbit Society started a campaign back in 2002 called Make Mine Chocolate, which encourages people to stick to stuffed rabbits and chocolate bunnies for Easter, NOT live rabbits.  And now, Rescue Chocolate , a Brooklyn, NY based company that donates 100% of its net profits to rescue organizations, has, befittingly, named The House Rabbit Society as its April benefiary.  So all of you chocaholics - be sure to stop by and order your chocolate bunnies from Rescue Chocolate this Easter holiday.  The chocolate used in these rabbits is vegan, kosher, artisanally handcrafted, and packaged in eco-friendly materials.  It's a win-win-win-win-win!!!!  And delicious to boot, I'll bet!  I'm ordering mine today!

And now ... meet some rabbit friends whose acquaintances I just made on Petfinder ...

 (From top to bottom), Bun-Bun, Roni, Hiccup, Jane, Shiro, and Sweet Tea are all currently in the care of the SPCA of Tampa Bay in Largo, Florida.  For a $35 adoption fee, you can make one of these sweethearts a part of your family.  But please, as should be the case before adopting any pet, do your research first.  The House Rabbit Society website is a great place to start doing that research.  If you're interested in adopting any of these adorable rabbits (I personally think Hiccup is the bunny's pajamas!), call the SPCA of Tampa Bay at 727-586-3591 or email them at nora@spcatampabay.org

Happy Blog Hopping everyone! 

50 Shelters / 50 States - Florida

Happy Saturday, everyone!  MP here ... continuing the 50/50 in my home state of Florida. 

And in this case, it wasn't hard to decide to choose a dog and cat from a shelter right here in Tampa.

Meet Buddy ...

How cute is he?!!!!!!!!!  Buddy is currently residing at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay .  He's a two and a half year old male terrier mix.  He's also housebroken, neutered, and, unfortunately, heartworm positive, but has already started his treatment, and is available for adoption immediately.  Frankly, it's about all I can do to stop myself from going down to the shelter tomorrow and adopting him myself.  I might, though, take a drive down there and see if I can meet him in person and find out some more about him for a followup post. 

While I'm at it, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay also has many other lovely dogs available for adoption.  Here are just a few of them: 

Tink - 4 year old female Beagle mix
Rugby - 11 month old male Shepherd mix

And now for the felines ...

Meet Sherlock! 

He's a two year old male domestic longhair - and although the information on his profile page is a bit sparse, one look into this guy's striking face makes me want to get to know him better.  What a gorgeous boy! 

And he's not the only one ... the Humane Society of Tampa Bay has dozens of wonderful cats just waiting for loving homes.  Here are just a few more ...

Any of these beauties can be seen at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay at 3607 North Armenia Avenue in Tampa.  Their phone # is 813-876-7138 or you can email them at Ben@humanesocietytampa.org

And a HUGE thank you to Krista Sparkman of Krista Sparkman Photography for donating her time to take photographs of the animals at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and help them be adopted. 

P.S.  Exciting news ...  I was THRILLED to learn, earlier this week, that Ares, the sweet boy profiled in the last 50-50 post has been ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!  Not that we had anything to do with it, but we're very excited just the same, and are planning a followup post on Ares, hopefully to include an interview with his new adoptive mom, in the next week or two.   



Woeful Wednesday With Olivia ...

Greetings, all ...

It's me, Olivia.  And I'll be honest - I'm extremely upset!  Disgruntled.  Miffed.  And just plain hissed off. 

Why, you ask?  Well, let me share this conversation with you that Mom & I had on Monday night:

"Hey, Mom?"


"You know, I was looking at the calendar today, and April 1st was Friday.  Doesn't that mean you forgot my birthday?"

(At this point, Mom is looking distinctly nervous and uncomfortable.)  "Um, no, sweetie.  I didn't forget.  It was an April Fool's joke.  Didn't you think it was funny?"

"As a matter of fact, no, I didn't. Did you think it was funny the time I puked in your slipper?  Well, same thing.  I realize I don't wear slippers, but if I did, for all intents and purposes you would have puked in them. "

"You're right, I'm really sorry.  I have no excuse.  How can I make it up to you?"

"That's better.  Well, I've been keeping a running list, but for starters, I'd like you to find another place for Tanner & Finn to live.  I know you say they're my brothers, but we sure don't look anything alike, and even though sometimes they're ok, on the whole I think I'd be happier if they lived somewhere else and we visited them occasionally - like maybe once every nine lives or so." 

"I can appreciate that they like to play more roughly than you do, but they're pretty good kids, and even if they weren't, you don't send your family members to live elsewhere.  I'll tell you what ...how about I surprise you?"

"Well, I guess that would be ok.  But remember - I am somewhat particular.  Are you sure you don't want to at least sneak a little peek at my list?"

"No, surprises are more fun!"

"Hmff ... I'll be the judge of that."

All day yesterday, I was in a fever of anticipation.  Mom had certainly appeared contrite the evening before.  And over the seven years we've been together, she has definitely surprised me with some lovely gifts, befitting my status of Calico Diva Extraordinaire.  With the added motivation of guilt, I was sure to get something really good this year.  Or so I thought. 

For my seventh birthday, as a reward for 2,555 days of love and companionship, I received ....

Yes, friends ... it's true.  Mom apparently thought that what I really wanted for my seventh birthday was a catnip plant.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I love catnip ... especially the fresh stuff.  I'm no teetotaler ... I love any excuse to get all nipped out and party.  But for a momentous occasion such as the seventh anniversary of my arrival on this planet?  I don't think so.  I'm still considering what I might possibly do to get even with her for this, and I don't think just puking in her slipper is going to do it.  It's gotta be really big.  Any suggestions are welcome. 


Monday Memories ...

Happy Monday, everyone!  It's me, Phoebe.  You know, a few months ago, I wrote about my Gotcha Day.  And then over the weekend, Mom was looking through some old pictures, and found this one of me when I was only seven months old and had only been in my forever home for about two months. 

As you can see, my coloring has changed a little bit since then.  There used to be a lot more silver and black in my coat.  And in this picture Mom had not yet gotten up the nerve to cut my curl .  Also, I was a lot littler then ... I was pretty underweight when I got adopted and I was only about six pounds in this picture.  Now I weigh nine and a half.  Mom says I really should probably weigh about nine pounds optimally, so I'm currently on a diet.  Pffft!!!!


Sun and Fun on Saturday ...

Hi, everyone ... it's me, Tucker! 

Usually on Saturdays, Mom spends a lot of time doing stuff that, frankly, we don't find all that exciting.  Like cleaning the house, going to the grocery store, and running errands.  The reason we don't find these things all that exciting is that none of them generally mean a lot of time or attention spent on us (Phoebe, me, and cat kids).  Not that we're neglected, and it's true what Mom says - these chores are necessary evils that keep our household running smoothly.  But I digress. 

Since Saturdays are usually boring days for us, imagine our surprise when, instead of saying "see you later" and leaving us home alone, Mom grabbed her purse and our leashes and said "come on, let's go!" 

Obviously we were ready to go immediately ... but Phoebe had no idea where we were off to.  I had a hunch ... and I was right!  See, during last Saturday's Blog Hop, we stumbled upon a blog called Chihuahua Wisdom, authored by a lovely Chi named Chanel, who actually lives pretty near to us, in St. Petersburg.  And she had posted on her blog about an event going on this Saturday that she thought would be fun to attend!  And it was!  It was called Paws for the Arts, and it was to benefit the Canterbury School for the Arts

There were raffles, free treats, and all the pooches got a chance to express their inner artists by doing some paw painting with washable, non-toxic paint on our very own canvases!  Phoebe, Mom, & I met Aunt K. and Cosmo there, and we were pretty excited.

When we arrived, there were all these paintings on display of dogs and cats that had been done by the students at the school.  Mom thought they were really good, and she even took pictures of some of them.  Here are her favorites:

Then it was time for us to paint ...

Standing in line to paint and taking in the scene ...
Cosmo was very interested in the goings-on ...
Phoebe decided she didn't really want to paint (this after she decided that what she DID want to do was paint Mom's jeans instead of the canvas with bright pink paint.  And even though Mom knew it was washable paint, she still said a bad word.  I know - can't take her anywhere.)
And here's me, painting my canvas ...

After we were through patronizing the Arts, it was time to eat!  So we headed to Downtown St. Pete and settled in at a table at  400 Beach Seafood & Tap House

Cosmo and me relaxing on the sidewalk cafe ... a great spot to human watch!

Phoebe enjoyed the opportunity to sunbathe ...

It was such a nice day, and I was so relaxed ... I might've even fallen asleep there for a second!

After that, we walked around for awhile, until it was time for dessert ...

So we strolled down the street to Paciugo Gelato

 Mom couldn't decide between the Viola (made of crushed violet flowers) or the caramel and sea salt ... so the nice lady inside gave her a little bit of each.  Aunt K. had mocha swirl ... and WE each had a treat that the lady gave Mom to give to us)

We were so good that Mom gave us each a tiny taste of the viola flavor (AFTER she was done, of course!) ...   

DEE ...


Can't help but smile after a fun day like that! 

After this we went shopping ... but maybe I'll tell you about that tomorrow.  Hope everyone is having a sunshiney Saturday!