50 Shelters - 50 States: Georgia

Hi, everyone!  It's the MP, here to continue our 50/50 Tour.  We're in Georgia today, and just look at these peaches I have for you to meet!

This is Scooter! 

Isn't he just adorable?  Now, I must confess ... I grew up with Beagles (a few different family members had them), and am the proud aunt of a lovely Beagle girl, S., who belongs to my best friend J.  So I am a bit partial to these guys.  But in all honesty - who WOULDN'T fall in love with Scooter?!!!  This guy is reportedly very affectionate and wants to be a lap dog.  He is neutered, housebroken, and crate-trained, and gets along well with cats and other dogs?  Potential adopters, though, should be aware that no matter how well-trained they might otherwise be, Beagles are scenthounds, and often, aptly, termed "a nose with legs."  They will follow their nose to just about anywhere, including right into oncoming traffic.  So if you adopt Scooter, make sure to keep him on a leash when not in a securely fenced area!

Can you offer Scooter a loving home?  He's waiting for you at the Humane Society of Griffin-Spalding County

So give them a call at 770-229-4925 or email them at catsanddogs4you@yahoo.com

And here is a little girl who is just going to melt your heart!  Meet Fanny!

Fanny is a lovely longhaired calico girl who has had a rough time of things.  As a kitten, she fell victim, as many cats and kittens allowed to roam around outside do, to a car engine.  Her leg was broken in two places and she lost an eye.  Now, as a young adult, she is waiting at the Barnesville Lamar County Humane Society in Barnesville, GA, for her luck to change.  This is one little girl who has certainly earned her happy ending!  If you or someone you know is interested in making Fanny a part of their family, they can call 770-468-1409 or email blchumanesoc@bellsouth.net


Remington said...

I hope they find loving forever homes very soon!

Old Kitty said...

Me and Charlie have everything crossed that adorable Scooter and lovely Fanny find forever and loving homes! They're gorgeous!! Take care

CindyLu's Muse said...

There is just nothing more important than helping rescued animals find their own homes!

Thank you for blogging the change!

Kim Thomas from

Ann said...

Scooter and Fanny are both adorable. We had a neighbor ages ago that used to raise beagles.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh, I pray her furever home comes really, really fast! Purrs to everykitty and doggie too.

Sagira said...

Sure do hope they find great furever homes soon.

Admiral Hestorb said...

Those precious innocent babies. I pray someone will come and get them and take them lovingly home.