50 Shelters - 50 States: California

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!  MP here, and I raise a glass of green beer to each and every one of you!  The kids will be around later in the day to say hi, but meanwhile, I want to keep the 50/50 rolling so that I have some hope of finishing it in a reasonable amount of time. 

We're all the way out west today, in the land of the original Housewives!  And I do have some lovely animals to introduce you to.

Meet Luke!

Luke is an adult male Border Collie currently residing at the Laton Animal Rescue in Laton, California.

I must admit ... I've been on the lookout for a Border Collie or Border Collie Cross to feature.  I grew up with a Border Collie, one of the four wonderful dogs to populate my childhood and early adulthood, and therefore I have a great deal of fondness for the breed as a whole.  It goes without saying that this is a breed that is emphatically not for everyone - they're spooky smart, very drivey, and most of them have energy levels that are just off the charts, all of which makes them a poor choice for many people who might be drawn to their storied intelligence but who just don't have the time and energy to devote to keeping them both mentally and physically engaged so that they don't tear the house down or become neurotic.  Having said this, though, in their efforts to keep the dogs they love out of the wrong hands, I do feel that many devotees of the breed have somewhat overstated their need for exercise, be it mental or physical.  It is not necessary to have acres of land or a flock of sheep to keep a Border Collie content and well-exercised.  (Unless, perhaps, the BC you want is one that comes from working stock dog lines ...)  It does, however, take a level of commitment that the "average" dog owner may not be up to.  So ... those who might be interested in Border Collies in general, or Luke in particular, be cautious ... be realistic ... do your homework ... but don't automatically assume that you don't have what it takes. 

Now, about Luke ... his shelter writeup doesn't say how old he is, but it does say that he is not "overly active."  (It does bear mentioning that a laid back Border Collie is not necessarily equivalent to a laid back example of another breed with a less over the top energy level to start with)  He gets along well with other animals, loves children, and is just looking for some special person or family to belong to.  He's neutered, current on vaccinations, and is ready to make someone very happy! 

If you're interested in Luke, you can call the Laton Animal Rescue Center at 559-905-4063 or email them at Ambersdali@aol.com 

And for our cat lovers ... I give you this lovely girl ...

Meet Nala! Nala is an adult female Siamese (obviously) mix residing at the Tulare County Shelter in Visalia, CA .  Nala is about four or five years old, and has a sad story.  She and her brother Oreo and sister Simba were brought to the shelter after their owner died.  I can't find Simba on the shelter's website, so it appears she's been adopted.  Oreo is a big gorgeous tuxedo cat - wouldn't it be wonderful if someone could find space in their home for both Nala and Oreo?  If you or someone you know would like to make Nala and/or Oreo part of their family, please call the Tulare County Animal Shelter in Visalia at 559-636-4050.

Well, that concludes this installment of the 50/50.  As always, if you want to see your local shelter featured when I get to your state, just send me a comment!


Winnie said...

Luke and Nala look lovely.

You are doing a great job of taking us round all these shelters to show us animals needing new homes.

Love and licks, Winnie

bbes tribe said...

Two good looking furiends looking for homes. Sure hope they find them. Thank you for spotlighting the various shelters around the states. Good Job!
PEEESS: we are all from rescue.

Old Kitty said...

Awwww Luke and Nala!!! Both adorable and both deserving of good and loving homes!! Me and Charlie have everything crossed for them!! Happy St Patrick's!! Take care

Sue said...

What lovely animals. I've always wanted a Siamese cat, but with ten dogs and an allergic husband, I don't think it's going to happen. I can look and admire though.