Worried Wednesday

Hey, everybody!  It's me, Tucker!  And this is my worried face:

And the reason why I'm wearing my worried face today is because I'm concerned about the pet food industry.  People love their furblings a lot, and the pet food people know this, so they're always trying to come up with new products to sell to people in exchange for those green papers like the ones Mom keeps in her wallet or sometimes you can get them if you zip that little square plastic thing through the machine.  I'm not really sure how that works.  But anyway, new products enter the pet food market all the time.  The problem with that, Mom says, is that only a very few of them are good for us furblings.  The rest of them the companies that make them get people to buy them by putting cute animals in commercials and having their Moms or Dads say how much they like the products and how good they are for them.  And Mom also said that the Moms and Dads in those advertisements aren't even real?!!!!!!!!  I mean, they're real people, but they're not the real Moms or Dads of the animals in the commercials!  Can you believe that?  I couldn't ... I was shocked!

But anyway - there are some really good pet food companies out there that really care about the furblings.  Unfortunately, most of them only care about getting as much of your Mom or Dad's green papers as they can.  I don't know what they do with them once they have 'em, but anyway, that's what they want.  So Mom says that if people have furblings, they need to be really careful about  the products that they buy, and learn how to read labels, and also research the companies that make the products, because sometimes even if the label looks good, you have to check and see who is actually making the food, cause most of the time it's not the same company whose name is on the package.  Mom says that's what happened back in 2007 when all the furblings got sick and died from the Menu Foods recalls - one company (Menu Foods) was responsible for putting together all sorts of different brands of foods.  So all the foods that were made in that plant (which was a whole bunch) were contaminated and a whole lot of furblings got really sick and even died!   

So all you furbling Moms and Dads ... be really careful about the foods and stuff you buy for them.  And try to keep up to date on the recalls that happen.  Here's one website that you can check:

I can tell you that one recent recall really made me put my worried face on ... because my Uncle Riley AND Cousin Cosmo used to eat that food, and that's the Blue Buffalo recall.  Blue Buffalo recall  So no more Blue Buffalo for my Uncle Riley or Cousin Cosmo! 

But the other day my worried face really kicked into high gear when I heard about this: 

Fellow furblings, this is SUPER scary!  California Naturals is part of the Natura Foods family - which was a wonderful, family-owned company.  Note I said "was."  Because they recently sold out to Proctor & Gamble, and Mom and her other "foodie" friends were pretty sure it wouldn't be long before weird things started happening that could be dangerous to the furblings.  And sure enough, it's already starting to happen.

Now, don't get me wrong ... there are still some good companies out there who make nutritious, safe food for us.  But I'm still glad, and Mom is, too, that all of us here (canines and felines) are now Raw Fed

Well, friends, that's it for me ... it's my day off from work, so I think I'll catch a nap now and rest up for tomorrow.


William said...

Oh, Tucker, thanks for letting us know about that website--we had no idea there was such a place to check and I made my mom bookmark it. Thankfully, our food (Science Diet) wasn't on it, but you just never know.

Tucker said...

No problem, William! Mom is a bit OCD when it comes to our food. We're glad your food isn't affected!