Applause, applause, applause!

Hi, everybody!  Phoebe here with exciting news ... our new pal, Shiva, just got her glamour shots back from the photographer!  Doesn't she look great?  
Hey ... I wonder why Mom doesn't take me to get some glamour shots of my own?  I think I'm going to go ask her right now. 

Me - wondering why I don't have glamour shots of my own


rescuedinsanity.com said...

Heya Tucker! I'm so glad you liked the photos! We had a blast and I hope Shiva did too. The key is finding a photographer that understands animals and is very patient, willing to give them the time they need to relax. It's definitely worth the cost and the photos make excellent gifts. At least, that's what we are using ours for.

You are definitely cute enough, I think. Cute enough that maybe you don't need a professional. ;-)

Tucker said...

Thanks, Shiva! I am still asking Mom for glamour shots very soon. Or at least my picture taken with Santa this year!