Oh my aching head ....

Hi, everybody!  It's me, Tucker!  And even though it's not cold out today, I sure wish I had a pair of earmuffs like this guy does:

(by the way ... Mom found this guy on Getty Images and paid to use his picture here ... thanks, Mom!)

Why do I want earmuffs, you ask?  Well, here's the deal!  As I mentioned previously, the building Mom works in has been sold and their company is moving to a new office very soon.  But meanwhile, the people who bought the building, who are letting us stay and work here for a little while longer (probably for some of the boss's green papers) are having work done on the outside.  They're knocking stuff off the building and Mom says the stuff they're knocking off is called stucco and then they are going to put new stucco on.  That doesn't make a lot of sense to me ... because if you're only going to put something back on again, why waste a lot of time and effort to take it off in the first place?  This is a human thing, apparently.  Dogs are much smarter than this.

So anyway - the point is - all this banging is giving me a giant headache (Phoebe, too) and I think I/we need some earmuffs!  I think Phoebe and I are going to take the day off tomorrow so we can recover.

Happy Tuesday everyone ... just two days till Thanksgiving ... can't wait for that turkey!  Mmm!

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Anonymous said...

That photo is adorable and worth every penny. :-)

I hope those workers finished all their construction so you can go back to work!