Fabulous Friday with Olivia!

Hi everyone out there ... from everyone in here!  (Yep, it's true ... all five of us, and Cosmo, are here together writing to you, but I, Olivia, am doing the actual typing.  See?) 

Hmm ... what shall I blog about today? 

Mom's taking the day off of work so we're all here together, and it's been great so far!  The door to our new "catio" has been open all morning and it's such a beautiful day that we didn't even really want to come in for breakfast.  But then Tucker, who is a way better snooperviser than even we cats could ever be, let slip that breakfast was one of our favorites:  chicken gizzards and hearts!  Mmm, chicken gizzards - so chewy and delicious, and great for keeping teeth and gums healthy!  And succulent hearts - rich with the taurine so critical to feline good health.  So we had to come in and eat, and Tanner, especially, enjoyed his.  See him licking his lips?

Mmm ... swell breakfast, Mom, thanks!  I love being a raw-fed cat.

Mom's been working a little, but mostly she's been paying attention to us, which, let's face it, is exactly how we like it. Right now, she's gearing up for a spa day for the pups, and is brewing up a special mixture of green and chamomile tea on the stove.  After it boils, it has to cool down and then sit for two hours, and it will be an after bath rinse for the pups.  Mom really likes being able to use things on us that are natural and non-toxic, and she's gotten a lot of great tips from Dr. Karen Becker on how to do this.  And in fact, the tea rinse suggestion is one that she got from one of Dr. Karen's videos!

Here's the tea Mom is brewing up right now:   

While it brews, and while I blog, Mom is doing sort of a spa day herself.  She sprayed some fruity-smelling stuff in her hair to condition it and then she put this weird-looking green stuff all over her face.  She says it is a cucumber mask and that it's good for her skin, but I don't know.  If I didn't know better, I'd think she was dressing up for Halloween.  But THAT particular holiday is over for another year, thank goodness! 

Mom actually had a gift certificate to a very fancy spa that she could have used on her day off from work today, but she said she'd rather put the green goop on her face herself and stay home and play with us. Which, I'm sure you'll agree, is exactly as it should be! 

And later, she said she might go out to Home Depot or somewhere and get us a bird feeder and some bird seed to hang out back so that we have plenty of birds to watch.  That sounds great!  And if C. will ever come back here and put the roof on, we'll be able to maybe get Mom to put a cat door in so that we can go out to our catio whenever we want and not have to have Mom out there snoopervising watching us every second!

Purrs, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Gotta say, Olivia, you are very talented with the typing. I didn't catch any typos or anything.

A spa day sounds blissful right now. Your mom is a smart lady.

Happy Friday!