Slumber party!

Good evening, everyone!  So Mom's sister, our Aunt K., and our dog cousin, Cosmo, have been living at our house for awhile now, which is great, because Phoebe & I love Cosmo (and Aunt K.!) a lot.  He's a pretty cool guy, very chill and go with the flow.  And we hang out, and play, and just do lots of fun doggy stuff together, like going to the dog park and on walks and out to eat.  But this weekend, Aunt K. left town to go visit a friend, and Cosmo couldn't go, so we are having a slumber party!  Which means that instead of Cosmo sleeping in his own room with Aunt K. like he usually does, he's bunking in with us.

Mom has to get up early tomorrow, so tonight we're going to bed early.  Here we are, all tucked in and ready for lights out:

The Three Amigos


Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Why Tucker, that was very nice of you to say that my head looked normal to you. Also, I really appreciate the information about the CABH and I will probably be giving them a call in the morning. Really, if he says such cruel things about me, what might he be telling his own kittehs??? The Horror!

Tucker said...

You're very welcome, Spitty! Yes, the CABH is a wonderful organization, and my own feline siblings have called upon them a time or two in the past. Myself, I rely upon the CRABH, which stands of course for the Crested Abuse Hotline, it being the organization dedicated to stamping out the abuse of Chinese Cresteds everywhere, be they hairless or powderpuffs, like myself. And in point of fact, I just phoned said organization earlier this evening, when Mom had the audacity to arrive home from a lobster dinner (an event which had made my own dinner late I might add) without so much as a doggie bag for yours truly. The CRABH agent assigned to my case promised a speedy and thorough investigation, and that's all fine and good, but does not nearly as much to soothe my wounded feelings as a morsel or two of lobster would have done. At times such as these, I can only wonder ... what did I ever do to warrant such heartless abuse? Have you any theories on this yourself, your wise counsel would be much appreciated.

Until then, I remain Your Humble Servant,


Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Tucker, Though I make it my general policy not to have conversations with, you knows, (shhhhhhhh) woofies, I can see that you are an exceptional woofie who really understands the angst of being dependent on the Humans. Too many woofies do not understand the terms of their own subjugation, and slobber in a most undignified way around Them.

So, to answer your lobster question, yes, it was WRONG of your Human not to have saved a couple of the choicest morsels to bring home to YOU, the most important living being in her sad and empty life. I can't understand how she failed to do so; I can only speculate that she has been replaced by a Pod Person and no longer has her own wits about her.

I mean, LOBSTER! Dood, it's a crime you didn't get any.

Tucker said...

Dear Spitty,

Now you're making me nervous ... do you think my Mom has REALLY been abducted by aliens? I shudder to think so - and yet, it does make sense. I mean, she cherishes me beyond what words can describe, so what else could possibly explain it? I must investigate.

Yours very truly,

A Very Worried Tucker