Finn: 1 Picture Frame: 0

Hi, everybody - it's me, Finn!  So this morning there was a ray of warm sun hitting the top of the tall metal thingy that Mom says is NOT a cat tree!  It's where she puts some of her special, more breakable things, and Olivia and Tanner know they're not allowed up there.  And so do I.  But the sun was so warm up there, much better than the sun coming in and hitting the cat tree about six inches to the right.  So I decided to try to squeeze myself in there for a nice sunbath ... and I don't know - I must be growing bigger than I realized ... because next thing I knew ....


And here's what's left of Mom's favorite picture frame with the picture of her dog-brother, my Uncle Riley, inside:

And this is my repentant face ... NOT!

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