Remembering our Veterans

Hi, everybody, it's me, Tucker.  And I don't have a whole lot to say tonight, except that I hope you all had a peaceful Veterans Day and remembered to take just a minute to say a quiet 'thank you' to our men and women in uniform for putting themselves at risk to secure the freedoms we enjoy, even to the point of sacrificing their lives.  Living here in the Bay Area, many servicemen and women are our neighbors, and I always try to make sure to give them an extra special tail wag when I see them, just so they know how much I appreciate what they do.  And for any of you who have a family member in uniform, know that we're saying a special prayer that they stay safe and come home to their families very soon.

Phoebe and me in our patriotic best.

Thanks to PatrioticIcon for the beautiful flag.

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William said...

You two look very patriotic on this special day of remembrance. We are grateful to them all, too.