Tell-All Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everybody!

I'm here at work with Mom again today - helping her out as much as I can.  I don't like to brag, but I'm pretty much a model employee.  I'm almost never late, never call in sick, and never engage in office politics.  In fact, I'm a great morale booster.  Even the mailman likes me, and you know how mailmen usually feel about dogs! 

Anyway, I have very exciting news!  We've been looking for new office space since our building has been sold, and it's been way harder than we expected to find another office that we liked.  At one point the boss was trying to move us to an office in a big high rise where Mom would have to park in a parking garage and take an elevator and all that stuff every day.  And the worst part of that is that there were NO DOGS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!! 

But now we have two places that we've found, and Mom likes both of them a lot.  One place is really close to our  house which means a shorter commute.  And the other place is right on the water which Mom thinks will be very relaxing to look out at every day when she's feeling stressed.  But the best thing is that whichever place we go, Phoebe and I will be able to keep coming to the office with Mom.  Which is a relief, because I know how much she depends on our help.   

Me - at work - sitting at attention and waiting for my marching orders.  Don't I look smart?


Two Pitties in the City said...

You are so lucky that you can go to work; I wish we had that type of situation. Hope it continues to work out!

William said...

You're lucky you get to keep your mom company all day, Tucker! And good luck with the move--my mom's work used to be in a building that was 2 seconds away but now she's in another place that's like 9 hours away, so it's good you've got the reverse going on!

Sorry I've been so slow in revisiting. Hi to everybody else over there!