Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, this weekend was something else ... nonstop busy.  On Saturday, Mom had to work, and she needed Phoebe and me to help her.  We were at Mom's office almost ALL DAY LONG!  And unlike during the week, it was completely BORING!  No mailman coming to deliver the mail, no deliveries from Fed Ex or UPS, no going out for lunch.  No one even called on the phone.  Just the three of us there while Mom tried to "dig out of a hole."  Which doesn't even make sense.  She didn't even have a shovel?????? 

Anyway, then Mom got a call from her Aunt M., who said that Cousin F. had gone to the hospital in one of those vans with the flashy lights because something was wrong with his heart.  Fortunately, he was going to be ok, but since he was here visiting from out of town and was supposed to leave yesterday, someone needed to take his rental car back to the airport since he was in the hospital.  So then Mom LEFT US at the office BY OURSELVES so she could go with Aunt M. to take the car, and then to visit Cousin F. in the hospital, make sure he was ok, and bring him the things he needed like his suitcase and stuff.  Then Aunt M. brought Mom back to the office to pick Phoebe and me up, and then we had to drive all the way back to Aunt M.'s place to pick up our car.  It was almost nine o'clock at night by the time we got home and got dinner.  Phew!

Then today Mom had to work AGAIN, but just for a few hours this time, not all day, thank goodness.  Just I went with Mom to help her out - Phoebe stayed home with Cosmo and the cats, and probably didn't get one constructive thing done all day.  Oh, well!

But anyway - even though most of the weekend was super busy (but also kinda boring) we did have some excitement around here - at least where the cats are concerned.  Mom has been wanting to give them a place of their own outside - sort of like we pups have the yard, where they can go hang out, sit in the sun, and just enjoy the fresh air.  So she finally got a friend of the family over here to fix that up right outside the French doors that go to Mom's bedroom.  There was this pergola thing already there, so all C. had to do was get some hardware cloth and fasten it up there somehow with his tool stuff.  And he was nice enough to come yesterday while we weren't even here to put it up.  It's not quite done (we still need some lattice over the top of the pergola so Olivia, Tanner, & Finn won't climb up the screening and out the open roof), but it was at least done enough that last night Mom could let them go out there and scope it out a little bit.

They really seemed to like it ... and since the weather has turned nice I bet they'll get a lot of use out of it and Mom will enjoy being able to open her bedroom doors to enjoy it as well.  Mom is planning to grow some pots of catnip and wheat grass out there for the cat-kids to nibble on, and get some ramps and ledges and stuff built so that they can climb around.  I don't think it's going to be anything nearly as elaborate as what the Katnip Lounge kids have:
... but I still think it'll be pretty nice for them.  I hope they don't mind if I hang out out there sometimes, too. 

Well, everybody - that's it for us tonight.  We've had a busy weekend and need to rest up a little bit for tomorrow.  I think it's gonna be a busy week!


Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea for the cats. It looks like they are already enjoying their new outdoor paradise. :-)

Glad you had a good weekend!

Tucker said...

Thanks, Kristine! I hope they will enjoy it - they're already liking the very limited time they've been able to spend out there - this morning they spent a very enjoyable thirty minutes or so stalking birds and squirrels while I was getting dressed and putting on my makeup. (Speaking of which - we enjoyed your Saturday morning video!)

Thanks for stopping by - the kids appreciate it!

Tucker's Mom

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Well, Tucker, if I were you I would not put up with this "going to work" nonsense if there's no fun in it for you. You have to MAKE your own fun! Jump up on the tables, walk on the keyboard, bat the pens and pencils around,shred the paper with your mighty claws (well, paws anyway).

Cause if you just sit there, or nap, the Humans begin to think it's ALL RIGHT if they are not devoting their complete attention to US!

Oh, and that business of LEAVING you all alone in a strange place? Un-ac-cep-ta-ble. In these circumstances, you must at least get a ride-along, and even better, a trip home for your foods before the Human goes gallivanting off all over the place, visiting sick people, for heaven's sake! Priorities, Woman, Priorities!

Your friend, Spitty-the-Kitty

Tucker said...

Thanks, Spitty! I must admit - I love Mom a lot, but I sure wasn't happy with her this weekend! I think I will sit her down for a chat and let her know that I have some concerns about the status quo. Hopefully she'll shape up soon!