Finn's Fairytale (by Tucker)

Not so very long ago ... in a land not far away (we like to call it Tampa, FL) ...

There lived a Mom Person with a very soft spot for all things people furred.  And she lived with The Very Best Dog In The Entire History Of The World (that's me, Tucker), Phoebe the Brussels Sprout (which is what we like to call my sister Phoebe), and our two feline siblings, Olivia and Tanner.  We more or less lived in perfect harmony, except for the occasional hissy fit from Olivia when Tanner was doing something unforgiveable such as breathing in her general direction. 

Things might have continued on this way for who knows how long, except that about seven months ago, Mom arrived at work to find a certain black kitten lying at the edge of the parking lot looking skinny and sick and generally forlorn.  He was about four months old, and totally alone with no Mom or siblings to keep him company.  She tried for several days to capture him, so she could take him to see Dr. G. (our great doc who helps Mom keep us healthy) but he would only eat the food she left out for him and never let her get close to him.  So she had to trap him in a big cage thing called a Hav-A-Heart trap.  (Which is pretty mean, if you ask me - to lure a hungry, scared kitten into a cage thing with food and then have the door slam shut on him - but it was for a good cause in the end, so that's ok.  Mom knows best about these things, I guess.)

Then she set about having him checked out and worked on finding him a good home because he ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY WAS NOT COMING HOME TO OUR HOUSE! (yeah, right Mom!)

And she actually thought she had found him one and drove him a way far ways away to the lady that was going to be his new mom.  She didn't love leaving him there (her mom radar was going off bigtime, but she thought maybe she was just being silly because she'd gotten to really love a certain black kitten a whole lot in the week that she'd been taking care of him) but she figured it would be ok.  But then the very next day she got a call that the would-be mom was not able to keep a certain black kitten after all.  And could she please come pick him up right away.  Which was very weird, but of course she did.  And when she did, a certain black kitten was hiding under the would-be mom's bed, (where he had allegedly been hiding since the evening before, because DUH he was in a new place and just a week before he had been feral, which according to Mom means he was practically raised by wolves or something) but when she called his name, he came running right out and started purring.  So that was that ...

A certain black kitten (known to all of you as Finn) moved in, and after a few weeks of hissy-fits x2 by two otherwise sweet and loving cats who shall remain nameless (but who KNOW who they are) .....

A certain black kitten (now named Finn) the day before his True Mom took him to the Weird Would-Be Mom's house.

...we all lived happily ever after!  (So far.)



Old Kitty said...

Yay!! Awww wonderful Tucker this is such a beautiful and heartwarming story of how the adorable and ever so gorgeous Finn came to live with you, lovely Phoebe, Olivia and Tanner!! You are a born narrator!! Yay!!

And double yay that your mum trapped Finn when he was a baby and all alone!! Thank you for looking out for this precious fur baby!! Thank goodness your mum got him back from the other lady too!

And thanks for sharing his story so lovingly here! Take care

brittlwood25 said...

Cute! Love this story!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We hope you live together in harmony for a LONG time! Nice job, Tucker's mom.

Brian said...

I just love happy endings. That is one beautiful story!

houndstooth said...

Awww! I just love a happy ending! Fairy tales are my favorite. Thanks for sharing that one with us!


Sam said...

You must have made an error in your post -

Because he ABSOLUTELY, POSTIVELY *DID* come home with you! ;)

Thank you for sharing his story!

Caren Gittleman said...

YAY!! What a wonderful and heartwarming story!! May you all continue to live "Happily everafter" not just "so far" but FOREVER!!


Mr. Pip said...

I love a happy ending! All three of my feline siblings were originally strays that Mama swore she wasn't going to keep!

Your pal, Pip

greygirl25 said...

Awww, so sweet.

I remember a magnet that something about stray cats recognizing suckers.

Hmm, I've been there and done that... six times.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

I just LOVE a story with a happy ending (especially about little black feral kitties--can't imagine why!)

Happy New Year, Kitties and Doggies and Humans!

OKcats said...

Finn, your tale sounds an awfully lot like mine. Except the 2 cats who shall not be named never did stop being trolls towards me. And I never tried out a new home - my mom decided that no one was good enough for me, so she kept me herself (even though she swore she shouldn't/wouldn't/couldn't. Almost 15 years ago. :)

Happy New Year, friends!!! May 2011 bring good health, happiness, and peace.

Your friend, Fuzzy (and Zoe!)