Happy Friday!

TGIF, everybody!  I have to say - I'm ready for the weekend!  We had a late night last night at the Howliday Block Pawty to benefit the Humane Society of Tampa Bay - we met, we mingled, we made pawprints at Color Me Mine and got our pictures taken with Santa! 

We even ran into our favorite (and only - because Mom doesn't trust anyone else!) petsitter, Cindy, from Secure Home Solutions Pet Care    Cindy and her staff are pawsome ... they take great care of us and the cat kids when Mom has to go somewhere and can't take us!  They come and have a slumber party with us and stay with us pretty much all the time so we don't get lonely and miss Mom so much.  We go for walks and out to get yogurt, and when Mom gets home there is a whole big stack of notes about everything we did and everywhere we went, how we ate, and everything, so Mom feels like she was right there with us.  Mom sure enjoys her vacations and time away from us much more since she found Cindy, because she can just relax and not have to worry about us at all.  She knows that we're right there safe and comfy in our own familiar surroundings, not in some strange, scary place that we wouldn't like, no matter how nice the people are. 

After that, Mom & Aunt K. were pretty hungry and a mite parched (the participating businesses had water and treats for the canines, but not many munchies for the humans), so then we went to one of our favorite local eateries - Wine Exchange and met and mingled some more with other dogs whose humans were also a bit parched after all the festivities.  Mom & Aunt K. had a glass of wine and an appetizer while Phoebe, Cosmo, and I sniffed around for any dropped crumbs and generally had a howling good time!  I'll post a few pictures later tonight, and as soon as we get the email of our photo with Santa, I'll post those, too!

Meanwhile, here's another fun E-card we got - check it out:


Sam said...

Sounds like a great party, and for a great cause!

Have a happy Friday!

Mr. Pip said...

Sounds like a blast. Happy Friday!

Your pal, Pip

Old Kitty said...

Awwww me and Charlie love the e-card - thank you!

We're glad you have the lovely Cindy to be with you when mum is away!!

And yay that your mum and aunt K had a swell time too!

Take care