This and That ...

Good afternoon, friends! 

Hope you have all had a relaxing weekend, and are enjoying a Sunday full of all your favorite things.  Judging by some of your blog posts which I just finished reading, it seems like many of you did just that.  So I guess now that I've "gone visiting" it's my turn to fill everyone in on what we've been up to this weekend.

First of all, you may have noticed that I've been a little irregular in my posting lately.  This is because last week Mom's company was moving their offices from one place to a temporary place, which is across the street from the place that they will hopefully be moving into some time in January, after the fix it guys have finished banging down old walls and putting up new ones, and whatever those fix it guys do.  Meanwhile, this has been pretty stressful for Mom, who was trying to get all her regular work done while making sure that the mover guys didn't lose or misplace anything super important, and that all the boxes of her most important things went with her to the temporary place and did not get put into the storage place.  Of course, some of them did, which meant that she then had to go hunting for them in the storage place and then schlep them back to the temporary place.  This stressed her out quite a little bit, and then on top of that the computers decided to stop working for several hours one day last week when she was trying to prepare for some very important meetings with potential new clients.  New clients are good, as they help the agency get more of those rectangular paper things called checks.  They have numbers written on them, and as best I understand it, you can take those checks to the bank and turn them in for green papers.  And green papers, as we all know, are very good - as you can take them to the store and exchange them for things you want. 

Anyway ... what with moving and all the rest of it, Mom was pretty tired out by Friday, so she decided to stay in and hang with us, which was a great idea, in my opinion.  Yesterday she had to work some from her "home office" (aka the couch) and we stayed with her to keep her lap warm and offer moral support.  (Well, I told you that yesterday.)

Last night we took a long walk - all the way to the foot of the Davis Island Bridge and back.  On the return walk, we strolled through Hyde Park Village to look at the Christmas tree and all the lights.  This morning Mom had promised us a walk before she had to meet Aunt M. for church, but then she woke up with a migraine because of this stupid weird weather (cold, colder, not as cold, cloudy, rainy) that keeps changing.  Yesterday was gray and gloomy and then when she woke up this morning it was bright and sunny and gorgeous, and just perfect for a walk, but her head hurt so bad she could hardly sit up.  So from this she knew that it wouldn't be long before the weather turned again, and sure enough it wasn't more than about two hours before the cat kids came dashing into the living room like their tails were on fire because out of nowhere it just started pouring down rain ... they'd been out on the porch.)  So needless to say, Mom missed church, we missed our walk, and now it's raining and raining.  The cat kids are pretty bent, because they had their little cat hearts all set on a leisurely afternoon of bird watching from the safety of their new catio. 

Ah, well ... it'll probably stop raining sometime, and we'll go for our walk then.  Meanwhile, Mom had to go back to bed for awhile, and Phoebe and I had to lay next to her and watch over her while she slept.  When she got up, to reward us for taking such good care of her, she made us a special brunch.  It was yummy - so yummy, in fact, that we took a picture of it:

Yummy scrambled eggs with veggies and some pork shoulder

Now we have full tummies (and so do the cat kids, since they had already eaten breakfast earlier when Mom got up to let Phoebe and I out to do ... well, what we do out there in the yard first thing in the morning) and since Mom's migraine still hasn't completely gone away, she is camping out on the couch again with a cold pack on her head and we are all five of us laying here with her like perfect angels that we are.  Even the cat kids are not hissing and spitting among themselves as they sometimes do when trying to jockey for the perfect spot. 
Tanner taking a snooze

Phoebe yawning (kinda scary, huh?)
 Anyway, I guess that's it for now.  Mom said that we were supposed to get our pictures taken with Santa today, but I bet he won't be out there in the rain.  Bummer! Guess we'll have to do it next weekend!  

Happy Sunday, everybody! 


Old Kitty said...

Awww lovely Tucker, Phoebe and Tanner!! Please stay with your mum and give her tons and tons of cuddles!! She's had a stressful day and needs to relax now!! Me and Charlie think the brunch she made looks ever so yummy too!!!

have a peaceful, restful Sunday!! We hope your mum gets better too! Take care

Mr. Pip said...

Good Gravy - scrambled eggs and pork! You are one lucky dog!

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

Busy, busy, busy! Things seem to only be getting crazier lately instead of calmer.

That brunch does look yummy. Hope you enjoyed!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh Phoebe! You look kind of maniacal there, girl! Yikes--now I'm scared.

More pictures of Olivia please, when your Mom is feeling better.

William said...

Moving an office can be very stressful--my mom's place did that too this past July (but not of their own choosing--very long story). Anyway, we know how it can wear a mom out! We hope her migraine finally went away and you had some fun time too.

Thanks for asking about Pee--she just had to get shot and stuff. All routine. In fact, Kangaroo Girl and I are up next in January. (Yuk.)