My (and Phoebe and Cosmo's) day out ...

Happy Saturday, everybody!  It's bright and sunny and cool here today, and a perfect day for being out and about.  So that's exactly what we did.  It wasn't clear where we were going when we set off, though Mom had brushed my hair, and Phoebe's, and Aunt K. gave Cosmo a quick fluff, so that should've tipped us off.  Yep, you guessed it ... we were off to Petco for Pet Portrait Day.  Being a Saturday, the store was very crowded, all the better for me to be seen and admired by passersby.  I do dearly love the opportunity to schmooze a crowd. 

Of course, we were looking adorable, and the nice photographer got several spectacular shots of all three of us in turn, making sure to point out how well-behaved we were.  Mom ordered several photos and a mouse pad with a picture of Phoebe and me on it to put in her new office which she should be moving into in just a few weeks.  As soon as everything arrives, we'll post the pictures so you can see them. 

Cosmo needed a new ID tag, but of course they were out of the one Aunt K. had picked out.  A minor frustration, however.  Mom also picked out a new big boy collar for a certain black kitten who will soon be turning one year old.  But, shh!  Don't tell, because it's a secret!  Mom also saw a really nice big comfy bed that will match the carpeting in her new office.  We didn't buy it today, but I suspect that it will only be a few short weeks before Phoebe and I will be curling up in it when we go to work with Mom.  I can't wait to try it out - it looks REALLY soft! 

After that, we had some lunch at Panera, and then came home.  Now we'll probably take a nap.  Then later .. who knows?  All in all, a pretty good Saturday.  Hope you're enjoying yours!

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Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh Tucker, That sounds like a really fun day for a doggie such as yourself. As a kitteh, however, I cannot imagine the horror of a store full of Human and, worse, woofies--no offense.

My Saturday included a delectable breakfast, a quick patrol through all the rooms that constitute my territory, and a long, long nap in my cozy tent with the soft beddy inside. Purrfect!