Missed Man-Cat Monday!

Hi, everybody, it's me, Tanner.  And as the only man-cat in this house, tonight's post should have been mine.  But then Tucker wanted to take the Pet Blogger Challenge, and then decided that he was too busy tearing around the house with Phoebe to actually sit down and do it, so he told Mom that she could.  So she started to.  But then ... Mom got a call from Aunt K. that she had to go to the ER (which I think is sort of like a fix it place for sick people) because she had been in her car just minding her own business when someone came along and hit her and gave her a big ouch in her neck and her back.  So she had to go to the people fix it place where the big vans with the flashy lights and the loud sirens are always on their way to.  I don't like those flashy vans ... they scare me.  Perhaps, kittehs, as a manly man-cat I ought not admit that, but that is the truth, and Mom says it's always best to be honest.  

So anyway, off Mom went, mid challenge post, to meet Aunt K. in the ER and make sure she was ok.  And then ... and then ... and then ... you will just not believe this!  They gave her a CAT scan!  Kittehs, I just cannot fathom the meaning of this?  When we cats go to the fix it place, they don't give us PEOPLE scans!  So what were they doing to poor Aunt K.?  Certainly they didn't think that she was hiding a cat inside her?  I just don't know, kittehs ... I just don't know. What I do know is that  they gave her not one ... not two ... but three shots ... which they said were supposed to make her feel better, but which she said so far has given her nothing but a pain in the ... er ... bottom.  (There was another word I was thinking of which was fewer letters, but which I would get in trouble with Mom for saying.  But I will just leave it to your imagination, and that way I'll be in the clear ... I think.)

After a long wait, the people fix it guy came back and said that the CAT scans were clear.  Well, kittehs, I could have told him that!  Aunt K. likes cats ... and she is certainly not the type to eat a cat or even accidentally swallow one, and even if that were the case, wouldn't she then have a tummy ache rather than a back and neck ache?  I don't see why those people fix it guys get as many green papers as they do ... because they seem sort of dim to me.  Anyway, now tomorrow she has to have an MRI ... and what that is, I have no idea.  But hopefully it will be clear, too, and Aunt K. will soon be feeling better.  So if you would, send some purrs her way.

Guess that's it for tonight ... it is late and Mom says we need to get to bed.  But Mom did say I could post these two pictures first ... just because.

Here is a picture of all three of us cats in a row ... getting all of us together in one spot long enough to take a picture is not easy, because Olivia is prone to me-yowling if either one of us boys even so much as breathes in her general direction.  So even though the picture isn't great, I still thought you might like to see it.
And here's me relaxing with Phoebe.  Of my two sisters, she is DEFINITELY the more easygoing of the two.  She never me-yowls at me.  (Well, maybe because she can't, but even if she could, I don't think she would.  I love her.)


Fin said...

Hope your aunt is better! That sounds scary, to think they were afraid she swallowed a cat in the process. ::Shudders::

Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh my. I hope hope hope that your Auntie K is all better tomorrow!!!

Did she swallow a cat during the cat scan? Inquiring cats need to know.

Tucker said...

Thanks, Fin & Admiral! We will pass along your purrs to Aunt K.

Admiral, the CAT scan showed that she absolutely did NOT swallow a cat!

Two Pitties in the City said...

I'm glad that you did get your time and that the CAT scans turned out ok.

William said...

Oh my goodness, that is just way too much excitement! We hope your Aunt K is feeling better (I think a CAT scan is where they hold a cat over the person and that makes them feel better).