How do we love thee? Let us count the ways!

Good evening, everyone!  It's the mom person again.  A few weeks ago, we (well, to be honest, not me ... the honor definitely was Tucker's and the other kids') were honored by our friends  Fuzzy & Zoe (The OK Cats) with the One Lovely Blog Award:

The kids were extremely excited and honored to receive this award, and they really wanted to pass it along to other blogs that we've discovered together and have really enjoyed following.  But unfortunately, a consensus could not be reached on which three blogs to choose.  So Tucker came to me for advice, and what the two of us decided was that what we wanted to do was to talk a little bit about many of the blogs we follow and why we think they're special.

Of course, we naturally want to start with Fuzzy & Zoe who gave us this award in the first place.  We love Fuzzy & Zoe because, first and foremost, we love beautiful girlie cats, and these two certainly fit the bill.  The fact that they are not only beautiful but also have great senses of humor makes us so pleased to see new posts from them and we always get a chuckle from their many antics.  This recent post is one of our favorites.

Next up is Kristine's great blog, Rescued Insanity   Kristine is the "exhausted dog owner." Shiva is her dog, with "officially too much drive."  Together, they are on a journey, one that is, to me, as the "owner" and lover of two resued dogs myself, incredibly inspiring. Kristine and Shiva were our very first followers here at Tucker Tells All, which was incredibly exciting to us, but of course that's not why we love their blog.  This recent post , though a bit atypical for this particular blog, really cracked us up, and certainly provided a bit of humorous insight into Shiva's personality.  Kudos to Kristine for keeping up with this girl.  She is something else!

 The next blog we want to talk about is ... arguably ... our very favorite, though, of course, we love them all. That would be a blog about a family of five special cats, told mostly through the point of view of a special tiny boy named William.  His blog, known to many of you, I know, is called William of Mass Destruction  Now for those of you who don't know William, he lives with his three sisters Olivia (known as Kangaroo Girl), Gracie (known as Pee Queen), and Caroline (aka Screamoline), and also his brother, Russell (aka Russell Bustle aka Pretzel).  William and his sibs have introduced us to a whole new vocabulary ... including the infamous troll box.  If you don't know what a troll box is ... read this recent post and find out! 

Another of our recent discoveries is Ettel's blog, A Poodle and a Pitbull  Charlie is the Poodle.  Emma is the Pitbull.  Living with them is Tigress the cat and Oliver the bunny.  The bond between Ettel and Charlie is a beautiful thing that touches our hearts, and reminds me a great deal of the way I feel about Tucker.  Emma is an adorable, gentle Pittie girl with a beautiful smile.  Recently, Charlie was attacked by a random dog at the dog park, and the poor guy has really been having a hard time, but is now recovering and doing much better.  If you can, stop by and see him and let him know you wish him a speedy recovery, ok?

We also enjoy keeping up with Marge, another rescue dog with a lot of energy and a very dedicated owner who refuses to let bad weather or anything else stand in the way of Marge getting her exercise.  With a snowstorm curtailing outdoor activities today, Marge is turning her attention to card tricks   Check her out!

To mix it up a little bit, the next blog we love is the cleverly named Cats - Goats - Quotes  Why do we love them?  Well, first of all, I am a quote-a-phile.  Second of all ... as we've already established, I'm a sucker for beautiful cats.  But for heaven's sake, have you ever seen anything more adorable than these goats ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean, come on ... these guys are the cutest darn things I've ever seen! 

Well, I think we're about out of time for tonight ... but we are by no means finished!  Back tomorrow for more of the love fest.  And meanwhile, thanks to all of the lovely blogs that have come to mean so much to us in the past few months. 

Night night!


Ettel, Charlie Poodle, and Emma Pitty said...

Aw thanks so much!! You guys are really somethin' special, and definitely one of our favorite blogs!!

I have to agree that Shiva's antics keep us in a good mood and well entertained (even if they're tolling on Kristine's endless supply of patience!).

We don't know the other blogs and are on our way to check 'em out!

William said...

Congrats on the award, and thanks a bunch, you guys! We always love reading about your daily activities and how much fun you all have.

And--we hope everybody's well on their way to recovering from all the recent excitement!

Caren Gittleman said...


OKcats said...

Brilliant picks! We absolutely love William of Mass Destruction and Cats-Goats-Quotes, and we'll make it a point to meet your other recommended blogs! We're WAY behind on things this week, but we were so happy to see this post! Have a great weekend!