Wordy Wednesday with Finn

Hi, everybody!  It's me ... Finn!

Recently, I was telling Tucker that I had counted up all the posts and I had the fewest of any us kids!  Which I don't think is really fair!  Ok, so I am the baby, but I don't think that's any reason to cheat me out of my turn on the blog.  I have things I want to say, too, after all!  And Tucker agreed, so even though he had some things HE wanted to say himself, he said that I could have today's post. 

So here's what I wanted to say:

1) I haven't exactly counted them up ... but I know it's not that many days till my first birthday.  Mom doesn't know the exact date because I was born feral, and I was too little to remember, but Mom picked a date for me that was her and Dr. G's best guess, and that is when we're going to celebrate.  So very soon I will be one year old!

2) The dogs think they're so important because they get to go to work!  Well, here's something you don't know - ALL THREE of us cats have been to work with Mom, too.  In fact, we were either born at her office (Olivia & Tanner) or wandered there (me) as young kittens.  Mom's office was our first experience with being indoors and around people.  Of the three of us, though, I have spent the most time there, because Mom's boss let me live in the bathroom for two whole weeks.  The first week was right after I got trapped in the big scary cage and then the next week was right after I went to the weird lady's house when Mom tried to escape the destiny that brought us together and give me to some other person!  Can you believe that?!!!!!!!!!!  What else could I do but hide under the bed until Mom came to get me?  And then even after Mom realized we were meant to be together and brought me home to live, she would bring me to work with her every day for about three months, just because she thought I needed the socialization around other people since I'd been such a scaredy-cat.  And I have to admit, it was a really fun place to explore, and it was great having Mom to myself all day (when she wasn't working).  But anyway, the point is - cats can work too!  (But mostly we don't want to.  Me, I don't mind working, I just hate the commute!)

3) My real name isn't Finn.  Well, it is, but Finn isn't my first name, it's my middle name.  My first name is Samuel.  Mom thought Finn was a good name for me, but she couldn't think of a good middle name to go with it, so she named me Samuel Finn and decided to call me Finn.

4) Mom almost named me something else altogether.  My name was almost Kieran.  Mom thought it would be fitting, since she is Irish, and also because Kieran means "little dark one."  Which certainly fit.  In the end, though, I had to explain to her (through mental telepathy, which is really hard, by the way), that Kieran is a nice name, but it just wasn't MY name.  MY name is Finn! 

5) Mom is constantly saying how hard it is to get good pictures of me because I'm black.  I don't see what that has to do with anything, and also, I think these pictures she took of me the other day came out pretty nice.  (Mom isn't the best photographer in the world, so it's just lucky that she didn't cut off my head!)

I call this series of photos Black Cat in Sepia.  Enjoy!

These are my mental telepathy eyes.  Can you tell what I'm thinking right now?
This one is sort of fuzzy ... but I think it just adds to my mystery!

Modeling is hard work!

Ah, this is the life!


Old Kitty said...

Gorgeous and beautiful Samuel Finn!! I am most impressed that your mum's work is so lovely when it comes to keeping and bringing sweet furries like you to work!! Wow!! I wish I worked there now - Charlie would never be rid of me!! LOL!!

This is such a fun post -thank you for sharing a little bit of yourself Finn!! We hope you get to blog as much as your brofurrs and sisfurrs too!!!

We think your pics are just adorable!

We look forward to your 1st birthday!! We hope you get to have a big celebration with lots of extra treats too!

p.s. we never knew Kieran meant "little dark one"! That's just so lovely!

Take care

houndstooth said...

Mom says that Lilac is hard to photograph for the same reason! Humans! You're still young, so you've got time to get your mom well trained!

Enjoy your birthday when it arrives!


Winnie said...

Finn is SO the right name for you. It suits you very much.

I don't think you could ever look like a Kieran.

Your mental telepathy eyes scare me a bit.....so no wonder they made your mum change her mind.

Random Felines said...

You are a very handsome house panther Finn. I say make sure to keep the dog in line and get your fair share of posting done!

Inky and Molly said...

come here, pussy pussy, we just want to say hello :)

Caren Gittleman said...

I think no matter what you would have been named that you are so handsome!!

I loved reading the story about how your Mom got you...and....Cody and I are excited to be celebrating your birthday soon!!!

Woooo hooo!

William said...

Great tidbits, Finn! My personal theory about photos and black cats is that we are just so handsome, cameras would explode just trying to capture our good looks! I always try to look very nipped out so my mom doesn't have to replace hers.

Minna Krebs said...

I'm glad Tucker gave you some blog time today, Finn! I enjoyed reading more about you. What an interesting start you had, living at da office with you mom!!!

GreatGranny said...

Finn, you are mysterious and so handsome, so let us see more of you.

Two Pitties in the City said...

It's good to see you getting your chance on here; it's nice knowing so much more about you. And your eyes photograph so well.