In your book of fairytales ...

... was Goldilocks a black Lab?  

And if not ... then who is THIS sleeping in MY bed?

Mom Note:  This is B., a colleague's dog who also comes to the office occasionally.  As Tucker & Phoebe were taking the day off, B. took advantage of their bed being vacant and plopped himself down for a snooze.  


Olivia's Opinions

Mom note:  K-9 Cuisine.com is my go-to site for online ordering of necessities for the crew, and they don't just have food.  They carry supplements, treats, chews, and toys as well.  But as usual, the best part was the box.  Too bad tomorrow's garbage day and Olivia's cat-stle will be gone!


Semi Wordless Wednesday: The World Outside our Office Walls

When it's time to take a break from work we like to wander outside and get some fresh air and sunshine!

Put our noses to the grass ...

Maybe climb up on top of the picnic table to get a better vantage point ...

Or stare off towards the water to see if we see anything interesting ...

Hey, what's making that rustling noise?  A lizard maybe?

Guess it wasn't anything to be worried about.  I'll just lie down here and soak up some rays!

Nothing like a good roll in the dirt!


Tasty Tuesday (and some swag)

Hi, everyone ... it's me, Phoebe!  And I'm going to be taking over for Tucker this week as we participate in the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop (hosted by our friends Kolchak and Sugar).

Tucker let me take over because he says he's too humiliated to show his face on another Tasty Tuesday without something homemade to share with the group.  But I was only too happy to step in because I've got some REALLY exciting news to share.  A couple of weeks ago, Mom got an email from a PR guy for Freshpet asking whether we'd like to receive some of their products to try.  Of course, we said yes!  We are always up for trying something yummy!  Mom was more cautious ... she is really particular about what we eat.  So she checked out the Freshpet website and since she didn't see any of her hot button no-nos like ethoxyquin (a potentially carcinogenic preservative), menadione (a synthetic form of vitamin K, also linked to cancer), or generic "animal digest", she decided to let us try the samples and see what we thought.

And then last week, we received two big coolers full of stuff ... some refrigerated food for the cat kids, some for Tucker and me, and some chews for us, too.  Some of it we've tried already, and some of it we haven't.  We also shared some with the pups belonging to a couple of our co-workers.  We hope to share pictures of Mom's friend K's Shih Tzu puppy, Baby B, and Mom's friend L's Chocolate Lab, Not-So-Baby-B, sampling their Freshpet chews.  Over the next few Tuesdays we'll be blogging about the various items we received from Freshpet and giving our opinions.

Me, with some of our loot!


Freshpet is a line of refrigerated food, treats, and chews for dogs and cats that are made with simple, natural ingredients like beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables. They don't contain any byproducts, fillers, corn, wheat, OR artificial preservatives.  (Therefore, they must be refrigerated, and care must be taken to use them before the "best by" date on the package, and to finish the package contents within seven days once opened.) 

Now here's where you all come in, because we wouldn't feel right about keeping all this swag to ourselves.  We want to share the wealth with our Blog-Land friends!  So this week, next week, and the following week, anyone who comments on our Tasty Tuesday post will be entered in a random drawing to receive their own bag of Freshpet Dog Joy chews or treats.  This week's winner will be able to choose from either



Next week's randomly chosen winner will choose from whichever two are left.  Week three's winner will receive whichever one is left.  So just share your comment and let us know which one of these yummy choices you'd like to try if you win!  

Mom Note (Disclaimer):  We did not initiate contact with the Freshpet company requesting samples of their products and we are not being compensated in any way for featuring them on our blog, other than the samples of the products above, and those that we will mention in future posts.  Our reviews will be our honest opinions  of the products we've received, both from the standpoint of an animal caregiver very concerned and invested in the food and treats she gives to her pets, and that of the reactions of the animals themselves when presented with the products.  We encourage anyone who has had previous experience with any of the Freshpet products to post their feedback here, and we would like those who win the three items we plan to give away to do the same.  All feedback, be it positive, negative, or neutral, is welcomed.


Mancat Monday with Tanner

Hi, everyone ... it's me, Tanner!  Mom is still endeavoring to improve her picture-taking skills (which range from bad to worse) and seems to be laboring under the mistaken impression that a fancier camera will aid her in this.  Yeah, well ... not so much. 

She has been harassing us ad nauseum with the fancy new flashy box, to the point that we are all half blind and given to stumbling into walls.

In the photo above she was quite pleased to capture the contemplative expression in my beautiful green-gold eyes.  The eyes, she says, are the windows to the soul.  Great Mom ... and what about my ears?  Clearly a fancier camera does not a photographer make.  


Whose blog is this?

Hi, everyone ... it's me, Tucker!  I know that we haven't been around much this week, but for once it's NOT because Mom was doing her best to work 24/7.  Actually, we've been on vacation this week, but still haven't had much opportunity to blog, because Mom's Aunt (our Great Aunt) K. has been in town visiting.  Well, actually, she's been at Grandma & Grandpa's visiting, and so we drove down there to stay at Grandma & Grandpa's, so that we could visit with Aunt K., too.  And that has been fun, except that Mom has been too busy eating, drinking, shopping, laughing, reminiscing, and looking at old pictures that I'm not even IN to help me blog. 

Between that and Finn basically taking over the blog the last week or so (which I allowed only because the cause was a good one), you might have forgotten what I look like.  So in case you have ... here's a little reminder.

I might be a little scarce this weekend, too ... Mom let slip that more eating, drinking, and general merry-making involving still more family members (probably all gathering to look at a bunch more pictures that I am not in) is on the agenda for this weekend.  But we'll still try to visit our friends a little bit when we can.  Maybe Sunday night. 

Until then, don't forget me, ok?


And the winners are ...

Hi, everyone ... MP here!  And the results of Finn's Comment-A-Thon random drawing are in.  Our thanks to everyone who commented ... though we didn't reach our goal, we actually got a lot closer than we thought we would.

So here's the deal.  As most of you know, we (er Finn) were pledging a dollar a comment up to $100, to be donated to a shelter or rescue group of the random winner's choice (all those who commented were entered one time for each comment they made).  Since we didn't get to the one hundred comments (in fact, we got only a little more than halfway there), what we decided to do was randomly draw two winners.  Each of them will have a donation made in their name (or the name of a special dog, cat, or person of their choosing) to the rescue group or shelter of their choice in the amount of $55 (which is the total number of comments received).  

And those winners are:  


If you are one of the winners, please email me at tuckertellsall@gmail.com and give me the name and contact information for the rescue you would like your donation to go to.  I will then contact them to see what the best and easiest way is for them to receive their donation.


Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi, everyone ... it's me, Tanner ... and I just thought I'd fill everyone in on what we all did this weekend ... 

Olivia and Finn spent almost all of yesterday out on the cat-io 

Aunt K. went away this weekend, so Cosmo was sad ... 

So Mom took him, Tucker, and Phoebe to the park and played to distract him.  Then we were tired, so we had a slumber party ... 

Where was I, you ask?  I have told you before ... I am a professional Watch Cat ... and I had things to do. 

And now I'm getting hungry.  I'd better go ask Mom what's for dinner!  See ya!



Hi, everyone!  It's me, Finn!  And in case you forgot to remember ... today is the LAST day of the
Back In Black Adoption Event!  And it's also the last day of my Comment-A-Thon   and YOUR LAST CHANCE to leave a comment and get yourself entered in the random drawing to receive a donation of up to $100 in your name to the shelter or rescue group of your choice.  Now, remember, even if you've already left us a comment, you can leave us another one today, and each comment you've left will be another entry into the drawing. 

That's it ... it's really simple.  So leave your comment HERE

Now, today, I'm not going to show you pictures of beautiful house panthers like me who need homes.  I know they're out there.  You know they're out there.  If you want one of your own (and who wouldn't, really?) just head out to your local shelter and adopt one today.  But it's not just beautimous house panthers like me who have a  hard time getting adopted.  It's also black dogs ... especially large black dogs.  But I'm not going to show you any pictures of them today, either.  Again, we all know they're out there, and if you find yourself in need of one, you know where you can go to look.  No, today is Saturday and that means it's time for the ...  

Brought to us by our friends at Confessions of the Plume , Life With Dogs , and Two Little Cavaliers

In this spirit, allow me to introduce you to some lovely black dogs and cats you may not yet be acquainted with (and some you probably are, but maybe haven't visited in awhile).  In no particular order ...

So in the spirit of Saturday Blog Hoppin', hop on by some of these great blogs today ... and tell 'em we sent you!  But NOT before you leave your comment HERE!


Finn on Friday

TGIF everyone!  

And this is just a reminder that after today, there is only one day left in the 


only one day left in my Comment-A-Thon!  So leave your comment HERE to be entered in the random drawing to win up to a $100 donation for your rescue group or shelter.  Where, I should mention, you can find a house panther of your very own, if you are so inclined.  Like these guys: 

Meet Duke:


Hello out there ...

It's me, Olivia!  And I've really missed all my Blogland 
friends lately ...
Have you missed me?


Wordless Wednesday: From the Archives of Love

Olivia & Tanner snuggling

Tucker & Olivia touching noses
Tucker snuggling with brand new sis, Phoebe (the second door of the kennel is open which is what makes the photo even cuter ... they were packed in there like sardines by choice!)


Indiana ... Iowa ... Kansas ... & Kentucky


So tonight we're going to combine our 50 Shelters / 50 States Series (which has gone on way too long because I'm a pitiful slacker!) and the Back in Black Adoption Event (which after today only has four more days to run!).  

And so that I can feel like I'm making some progress, we're going to do four states tonight (Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Kentucky), featuring one black dog and one black cat from each state.

Here we go ... 

My Indiana picks were: 

... and ...

From Iowa I chose: 


... and ...


From Kansas I selected: 


... and ... 


And from Kentucky my picks were: 


... and ... 


All of them are so beautiful ... I certainly hope they find loving homes very soon.  

Remember - don't forget to leave your comment HERE for Finn's Back in Black Adoption Event Comment-A-Thon.  We have 55 comments to go and only four days left, and we really want to give away the $100 donation to the random winner's rescue group or shelter of choice!  Even if you've already left a comment, that's ok.  You can leave one per day until 11:59 pm on the 17th!


A day of remembrance ...

There seems to be little to say on a day like this, at least nothing that has not already been said by those far more eloquent than I.  I have been sitting in front of the television since early this morning, listening to survivors' recollections of the day that changed the lives of all Americans, including those yet unborn, forever.  I have listened to the quivering voices of the families of the Ground Zero victims reading out their names.  

Ten years have passed since that day, and in some ways the wounds seem as fresh as they were in the first days and weeks after the attacks, and in others, it seems, we have moved on far too well from the day that both shattered our collective innocence and united us in a way that nothing else has in my lifetime.

- Corbis Images                                                
For those who lost someone you loved that day, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and that the memories of those you loved will always be kept sacred by those other than yourselves.  


It's Friday ...

but I DO have a job ... 

and I've got lots of ... well, stuff ... to do!

And I think I have to work late, too.  

What's the point of it being Friday if I can't start my weekend?  

And ... and ... and ... GUESS WHAT?  It's raining, too!


Oh, hey ... Finn would want me to remind you to leave your comment HERE for his Back in Black 

Comment-A-Thon!  We've only got 8 days and 60 comments to go, so leave yours now!  And if you left us one already that's ok.  You can leave one comment a day until the 17th and each comment is another chance to win up to $100 for your shelter or rescue group!  


Always Take Time ....

... to pause and watch the sunset.  Even if you get a little wet (and look a little blurry because the MP is officially the worst flashy box operator in the world!)

And also don't forget to leave your comment HERE!  (Finn is having a Comment-A-Thon and trying to get to 100 comments so he can donate some of his toy money to homeless animals.  He's going to give up to $100 donation to a random winner that they can give to the rescue or shelter of their choice.  All you have to do is leave us a comment HERE!  And if you've already left us one ... go ahead and leave us another one and you'll be entered in the drawing a second time.  (One comment a day please.) 


Watch-Cat Wednesday

Hi, everyone ... it's me, Tanner!  (Yes, two days in a row!)

And just in case anyone doubts my Watch Cat abilities ... let it be known that I am watching over Mom even when she's at work.  See?

Think someone needs to clean off her desktop?

And here's another reminder ... we have ten days remaining and 66 comments to go!  So leave your comment HERE with the name of a shelter or rescue group you would donate to if you are the winner of our random drawing.  This is a chance to present the shelter or rescue group of your choice with a donation of up to $100 which we're doing in conjunction with the Back in Black Adoption Event.