Testing 1-2-3 ...

Hello out there ... it's me, Tucker!  Can anyone hear me?  I sure hope so, and I hope that, even though some of you don't know me yet, we'll soon be great friends.  I've gotta tell you ... I'm pretty excited.  This blog thing is something I've wanted to do for awhile now, because, as anyone who does know me will tell you, I've got a lot to say.  Some would call me "barky," but what do they know?  How else is a dog supposed to communicate - if not by barking?  Well, friends, this has been a burning question that I've struggled with for some time, and then it finally came to me ... by starting a blog! 

My brothers and sisters (who I'll introduce you to later) think it's a great idea, and in fact, as younger brothers and sisters (at least mine) often do, they want to get in on the action.  At first, I didn't think much of this idea - because frankly it's just like these little copycats (well, actually, only three of them are cats - my one sis, Phoebe is a dog) to try to steal my thunder!  BUT ... because I'm a super nice big bro, I've agreed, and the plan we've come up with is that we'll take turns posting, and whoever's turn it is to post on the day will fill our readers in on what's going on in our family. But there's ONE MORE VERY BIG BUT... and that is that even though I will be nice (because that's the kind of swell guy I am) and share the spotlight a little bit with my sibs, who by the way I love a whole lot, there should be NO MISTAKE that this is STILL MY BLOG!  After all ... whose name is in the title?  Yep, that's right!  MINE! 

So ok ... I think that's it for right now.  This first post is just to get the squeaky ball rolling, so to speak.  More tomorrow, when I will introduce you to the older of my two sisters, Olivia.  She's a cat, but don't worry, you'll like her anyway.  At least I do.  Right now, though, I'm tired, and I am a working dog, and have a lot to do tomorrow.  So I look forward to talking more with you soon, but meanwhile, I will leave you with this image of what I will be doing as soon as I sign off.  This is a picture my mom (more about her later, too) took of me snuggling in bed.  See how sleepy my eyes look? 

So nite nite ... sleep tight ... and don't let the bed bugs bite! 


Debby said...

Hello Tucker! We hear ya! We know the feeling but just hang in there - it will happen! You are a cutie by the way! We used to have a dorkie named Tucker so we really like your name too!


Tucker said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kirby. I like your name, too!