Special Saturday!

Good morning, friends!

It's a beautiful Saturday morning with a touch of cool in the air, and somehow that makes things smell so much better.  I had to give the yard a thorough inspection before coming in for breakfast.  Hopefully we'll go for a walk here, soon.  We like to walk down by the water and it should be nice and breezy, so that'll be fun.  I heard the guy who lives in the square box in the living room armoire telling Mom that we are expecting a cold snap.  So maybe soon I'll get to wear one of my winter outfits.  Like this:

But now - down to business.  I promised that today I'd introduce you to the next of my siblings, and that's my man-cat brother, Tanner.  He was another little lost baby when he joined our family, only six weeks old.  I made friends with him right away, but Olivia got really angry and pouted for like days weeks MONTHS!  They're pretty good friends now, but sometimes he'll still antagonize her and make her me-yowl REALLY loud.  If Mom's around, she'll tell Tanner to knock it off, but if she's not, it's up to me to break it up, and I do.  Cause unless it's my day to help Mom at work, my main job is to watch the house and keep an eye on my brothers and sisters.

Anyway, here's Tanner:

Happy Saturday, everyone! 


Kristin G. said...

Happy Saturday to you and Tanner too! :)

Tucker said...

Thanks, Kristin! Mom used to volunteer for greyhound rescue, so we are big sighthound fans here!


Tucker & Tanner

Anonymous said...

Happy Saturday! I found your blog via the blog hop and I have to say, you are very dapper in your winter outfit.

It's nice to meet you, Tucker!

Tucker said...

Thanks, Kristine! We checked out your blog also and we love it! Glad to meet you!