Instagram anyone?

So here's my random confession.  This blog notwithstanding, I am not a super big fan of social media.  It's a necessary evil of my job that I am required to have a working knowledge of the various social media platforms and how they function both separately and together, but for the most part, for me, that's where it ends.  Facebook has never been a big draw for me.  Pretty much everyone I want or need to talk to, I already do, and the last thing I want to do with any spare time I have is read about what someone I haven't talked to in fifteen years is making for dinner tonight.  Call me crazy, call me antisocial ... whatever, but it just isn't for me.  Twitter ... same thing.  You may be my family, you may be my dearest friend, but I'd rather give you a kidney than hear about how much you're paying per gallon for gas, what you ate for lunch, or what bumper sticker you just saw on the back of the car in front of you at the stop light.  With very few exceptions, it just doesn't interest me.  Pinterest, on the other hand, I am all about, but I could see within days of signing up for it that it would be a potentially HUGE time suck for me.  So I just stopped.  Cold  turkey.  No support group, no nothing.  Impressive, right? 

 Now, I know there are people who use Facebook and Twitter and the like for true good - people who are in the trenches of rescue efforts and such.  That, I can totally get behind.  On the whole, though .. meh.  

Which is why Instagram didn't initially interest me ... but then I reconsidered.  And then ... since I figured most of the pictures I'd be sharing were of Tucker & the gang anyway, I might as well go full out.  So you can now get your fix of Tucker, Olivia, Tanner, Phoebe, and Finn on Instagram ... if you've a mind to. Just look for us @tuckertellsall 

And here's a little bit of what you've missed thus far ... 

Tucker being adorable ...

Finn being sleepy ...

Olivia striking a diva pose ... (something she's quite good at) 

Tucker letting me know what he thought of getting a bath ...

Tanner making it clear that he can bathe HIMSELF, thank you very much!

Phoebe giving me her patented "I don't know what you're talking about" face when I told her it was time to get up!

Olivia trying to be supportive by lying next to me when I had a migraine.

Tucker giving me his best "This is not Men in Black 3, so stop flashy-thinging me and turn out the lights!" look.
Anyway, since I've been posting only very sporadically lately, (same for visiting others' blogs) it's been fun to scout out some of our blogging buddies who are also on Instagram and see what they're up to.  Those people know who they are but if there is anyone else out there we haven't found, do let us know so that we can look for you!


William said...

Yep, we don't do any of that stuff either.

Uji, Izzy, Ziggy + Missi said...

Wee has followeds yoo Tucker ( well our Momster has her is Tea1104 )
Wee looks furward to bein showned yor photys

Da K Krew

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww these pics of Phoebe, Tanner, Tucker, Finn and Olivia are super adorable!!!

p.s. I'm required to tweet and FB at my work too. Raspberries to them all! LOL!
Take care

tubby3pug said...

Mom here
We definitely think a like I am not a huge fan of facebook, though I have it and use it occasionally. I also dont text and I dont understand twitter at all. However, Id say Im pretty anti social to begin with, my ultimate nightmare is a crowded party. In some ways I like social media because its less pressure then face to face social interaction and I certainly like the opportunity to fine people who share my interests. And I LOVE pinterest but I only let myself use iton saturdays to control time suck

urban hounds

Remington said...

Awesome pics, my friend....have a fun weekend!

Bocci said...

Haqve you tried Pinterest?
Those pics are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I will look for you, I like instagram.