50 Shelters - 50 States (Ares Update!)

Hi, everyone!  MP here!  I don't know how many of you will recall, but back in March, for the 50/50 series, I had profiled a darling kitty, Ares, who was available for adoption through the Purr-Fect Haven Cat Rescue in Delaware.  I fell in love with Ares' sweet face immediately, and his story really touched me as well.  You can read a little bit about his back story here .

I corresponded with Purrfect Haven's Executive Director, Kristen Mondeaux, quite a bit about Ares, and was therefore thrilled to learn that Ares had been adopted by a wonderful family!  I know a lot of you were touched by Ares' story, and his new mom very kindly agreed to answer some questions about how he's settling in so that I can give everyone an update. 

Ares has been in his new home since April 1st and is settling in well, but has proven to have a mischievous streak that may or may not prompt a name change.  He is getting along fairly well with his cat brother, Teddy, but lately has been behaving a little more roughly than would be ideal, and has been biting Teddy's neck and leaving scabs.   (Author's note - I wonder whether this might be the result of an overzealous attempt to play, as I know that this is sometimes the case with Tanner and Finn, who will often play more roughly with Olivia than she prefers.  I know lots of you out there have multi-cat households - have any of you ever dealt with something similar?  If you have, and have any advice for Ares' mom, I will be happy to pass it on, and I think it would be appreciated.) 

Ares has also become comfortable enough to roam the entire house, and he and Teddy often hang out together on the guest room bed where Ares' bed from the shelter is placed. (Author's note - This is what makes me think that the issue with Ares biting Teddy's neck is not intended as aggression, as the cats clearly seem to enjoy one another's company and are choosing to hang out together.  Any thoughts?)  He also enjoys hanging out on the screened porch and enjoys his cat tree, and loves watching birds at the feeders from the window sill or from the porch.  

New mom, H., also reports that Ares is a food-a-holic and loves to eat, so he's been on a carefully portion-controlled diet since his arrival in his new home, and is looking trim and fabulous these days.  He's also gained muscle from being able to run around more than he could at the shelter.  His favorite belonging is a red heart filled with catnip that one of the shelter volunteers gave to him.  His mom said that it is looking a little ragged these days but is still much-beloved.  Isn't that so sweet? 

I am just so thrilled to know that this special little cat now has a loving home for life - and even though I had absolutely nothing to do with it, I'm so honored to share in any small way in the happy ending he's found, and I thought all of you would be, too.

And for any of you in the Delaware area, H. had this to say about the experience of adopting a cat from Purrfect Haven: "Purrfect Haven is very caring and concerned about their cats, and they know each one well.  They have fosters in homes because they don't have enough room at the shelter. Adopting from them means room now for another cat to be on display and hopefully adopted. They have been terrific about Ares' health, giving me complete records and picking him up for a scheduled vet appmt about his teeth. He may need a dental cleaning this summer which they will take care of. As a friend volunteers there, I am a bit biased!  But they definitely provide a much more caring environment than the large SPCA can. "

Here are some pictures of Ares in his new home!  Doesn't he look happy?

Ares watching the world from his cat tower on the screened porch.

Ares with his favorite red catnip heart.  Aww!

Ares and new bro Teddy hanging out ... 
Thank you to all the wonderful people at Purrfect Haven for helping Ares to find his happy ending, and thank you to his new mom, H., for seeing something special in him and bringing him home!  I hope all of you live happily ever after!


Old Kitty said...

Awww yay for adorable Ares and his gorgeous brother Teddy!!! Thanks for the update!! It's a lovely happy ever after end to Ares' story! Brilliant! take care

Mr. Pip said...

From my experience there always has to be a "top cat". Sometimes there are some struggles between new and existing cats about who is going to take on this role. Catsinternational.org has great information on this subject and many other cat related issues. I am sure it will work itself out in time

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh that's just such a happy story! What a lucky kitty :-) They look so conted together--I'm sure the biting isn't from anger/aggression. When I've had more than one boy, they eventually find their "place" in the hierarchy!

Tucker The Crestie said...

Thanks, Pip, that's a great idea. I'll pass along that resource! Much appreciated!

Sagira said...

So happy to hear that he has great furever home. :)