50 Shelters - 50 States: Idaho

Hi, everyone!  MP here!  Hope you all have been well, and I apologize for my by-now-much-publicized lameness.  I hope we'll be able to get back on track from here on out.

In an effort to do that, I'm continuing on with the next post in the 50-50 series, coming to you today from the beautiful state of Idaho.

Meet Marty!

Marty is a darling little Chihuahua mix currently residing at the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley.    Small in size but big on personality, Marty is good with other dogs and cats, and though shy when he first arrived at the shelter, he is adapting quickly.  Marty just wants to be someone's very special boy ... could he be yours?

This handsome guy is Mufasa ...

And honestly - he just breaks my heart.  This sweet senior kitty (fourteen years old) was surrendered to the shelter when his owners were moving.  Obviously it is not my place to judge anyone without having walked in their shoes, and I know things are very difficult out there right now for many people.  And yet - it just absolutely levels me that someone could have a cat for fourteen years and then just abandon him to such an uncertain fate. 

Yet, according to his shelter writeup, Mufasa seems to be taking things in stride, and has claimed the best bed in the cat room, is eating well, and is enjoying all the attention he is getting.  He's friendly with other cats, good with dogs, and loves attention from humans.  Is there someone out there who has room in their heart and home for this sweet senior boy?  If so, call the Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley at 208-788-4351 or email them at info@animalshelterwrv.org


Ann said...

Marty and Mufasa are both adorable. I too find it hard to understand how someone could have a pet for 14 years and just give them up like that.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Well, my Human **can** be pretty judgmental....and unless somebody DIED, there is just no reason she can even IMAGINE for someone dumping a kitty they've had for 14 years! Well, okay--rant over.

I am glad he is being cared for and I hope there's a furever home out there for him! He looks like a sweetie.

Mr. Pip said...

I have hard time not being judgmental about abandoning senior animals - it is just so cruel. Their chances of adoption are slim and they often become depressed and go downhill quickly. It's just terrible. My paws are crossed for both Marty and Mufasa!

Your pal, Pip