Post-Holiday Weekend Hodgepodge

Hi, everyone ... it's me, Tucker!  This is going to be a quick hodgepodge-y post because Mom says I can only have the computer for a few minutes.  Pfft!

First of all - some more recall news.  Primal Pet Foods has announced the recall of their Feline Chicken & Salmon Formula (with best buy date code of 043112-17) due to suspected salmonella contamination. So please pass the word along in case you might know someone whose kitty is eating this food.  Primal is a great brand, and it is one of the few commercial food brands Mom lets us (occasionally) eat, but this makes her unhappy and scared, and glad once again that she switched us to a home prepared prey model raw diet!  (Which we all love, by the way!  It's yummy!)

On that note, Mom was very happy to learn today that the raw feeding information she and a fellow raw feeding cat mom had provided to IBDKitties.net is proving helpful to people who are interested in a raw diet for their cats, as evidenced by this post in the Bengal cat discussion forum.  As an aside - how beautiful are those Bengal kitties?  Mom just loves them!  But says she wouldn't trade our cat kids for all the Bengals in the world.  And I'm glad about that, and I bet they are, too!

Now - let's see.  Oh, yes - Louise, the person who commented in the Bengal forum about the raw feeding information also has a website which is happyhousecats.co.uk and she makes these wonderful walking jackets that are like harnesses for those kitties that like to walk around outside.  Not only will these walking jackets keep you safe - they are very fashionable and also quite reasonably priced.  So check them out!

What else ... oh, yeah, Mom said she will be back hopefully tomorrow with the next 50-50 post featuring a dog and cat from the state of Idaho that are looking for loving homes.

And finally ... I don't know what's going on with Blogger, but my Crestie hairs are all in a twist.  There are certain blogs I like to visit every day (or almost every day), but recently even though I've been visiting, I've been unable to comment, and I can't figure out why.  We can post comments just fine to our friends Miss M. and Mr. B. at Two Pitties In The City.  We were able to congratulate Sam at Marge Blog , who scored a 94.7 on her recent Anatomy & Physiology final.  We stopped by to say hi to Sophie from Sophie's View and the comment feature worked just fine. 

BUT ... we also visited our friends Spitty, Admiral, Sagira, Winnie, Two Grad Students (and a Pittie), Fuzzy and Zoe , Remington and others, and of course we wanted to let them know we'd been there, but we couldn't.  This has been happening on and off for the past four or five days (that we've noticed) and it's getting really frustrating. What happens is that when we try to comment it asks us to log in to our Google account even when we're already logged in, and then it says our comment is from "Anonymous" but even then it won't post it because it keeps saying we've entered the verification word/code incorrectly.  After three or four tries, we usually give up, but we're very sad, because we don't want our friends to think we haven't been visiting them.  So if anyone knows what might be going on or has any ideas on how to remedy the problem, we'd appreciate suggestions.

That's all for today.


Admiral Hestorb said...

I know how that is, beautiful Tucker acause mean old Blogger kept me from some people too! I fink it's over now.

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

Hi there. So sad you can't comment, we usually love your comments. I wish I knew what was wrong, but weve been having problems writing on our friends at Love and a Leash...hope it clears up!


Ann said...

blogger has been a real booger with the comment thing. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We are so sorry blogger is being so difficult. We even changed our settings to allow anonymous comments but we don't know if that helps or not. Hopefully it will all be fixed soon.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

houndstooth said...

Blogger has been rather difficult for some lately. Try clearing your browser cache, and even using another browser to see if that helps you!


Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Hi sweet furriends! We have been able to comment (mostly) but some sites (not all) have been sooooooo slow! Even though we have a dinosaur laptop, many sites are speedy as usual and others (like Mr. Puddy's and Misadventures of Me, for example) take like 5 minutes or more (seriously!) to load and then commenting can take FOREVER. But most, like yours, seem okay. We love that you are visiting! Don't worry about the comments :-)

Sagira said...

Hmm..that is really weird that it isn't letting you comment. Thanks for visiting and mentioning me though. :)