A belated Valentine

Hi, everybody - it's me, Tucker!  And frankly - I'm about to throw up in my mouth!  Why?  Because my slutty lovestruck little sister, Olivia, is once again enlisting my aid in pimping her out as a reluctant Cupid in her games of flirtation with a certain man cat.

All day yesterday, my gag reflex was put to the test as my baby sister mooned around the house in a most uncalico-like fashion.  Should she send a valentine to her beloved?  Would this be construed as being too forward?  And did it really even matter, as ultimately their love was doomed to remain a long distance affair, seeing as how Mom would never consent to move us all the way to the opposite side of the country to continue the romance in person? Finally, as the hours till Valentine's day was officially over ticked away, she decided that she would send her love a valentine, and worked diligently to get it just right, only to chicken out in the end. 

This morning found her just as moony and lovelorn as she was yesterday, and so in desperation, I struck a deal.  I would consent to send the valentine for her, in exchange for the occasional choice morsel of yumminess that she would toss down from her feeding perch during the morning mealtime.  (For some reason I can't figure out, the cat kids get to eat twice a day, while Phoebe and I are all but starved and only get one meal a day ... although we do get a cookie in the morning, so I guess that's ok.)

So without further emesis ado ... here's the stinkin' valentine!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, everybody!


Random Felines said...

Now Tucker - your sister can't help it if she is in love. And it was very nice of you to help her out!!

Old Kitty said...

Awwww lovely Tucker - your sweet sister needed you to get her handsome Spitty! We hope it worked!! Yay! take care

Anonymous said...

Hope your valentine's day went well..

Admiral Hestorb said...

GASP! Spitty??? GASP~~~~~ Oh MY!

GreatGranny said...

How sweet of you to help your sister send Valentine Greetings to Spitty.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tucker! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

That was really nice of you to help out your sister like that. Of course, it's just what I'd expect, a real gentleman like you. I hope Olivia appreciates you!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Tucker you were soooo nice to do that for your sister!
Let us know when the wedding is!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh myyyyyy, Olivia! I am thunderstruck! I had no idea you returned my.....um "affections"!

It was really nice of Tucker to make this for you. I think with great fondness of your Feb. 9 photo, though, where you did not look quite so, well, greenish. Is it lovesickness? Well, be lovesick no more! Spitty is ready to declare his acceptance.*

*Of course, Spitty is not exactly a one-ladycat kind of guy and he's a little commitment-phobic. But there's enough Spitty to go around!