Hi, I'm Olivia.  Mom calls me the Calico Diva Extraordinaire.  Diva for short.  Actually, I have lots of nicknames, but the one I like the best is Princess Face.  Because although my beginnings were nothing if not humble, I'm convinced I'm kitty royalty.  This is one of Mom's favorite pictures of me because it shows something that most people don't know ... I am a calico girl but my belly is pure white!  And very shiny and pretty, if I do say so.  I work very hard to keep it clean.  One of these days I'll have a lady in waiting to assist me in attending to these sorts of things.  At least that's what I'm hoping.  Mom likes to call me out for my Diva-esque behavior, but the truth is, I'm her special girl, and she loves me bunches.  I get first dibs on her lap at night when she's watching TV and when it's cold, I sleep right next to her under the covers.  She also swears I have a genius level intelligence (well, duh!) ... because she can actually have a conversation with me and I will respond appropriately.  Well, when I feel like it anyway.


Hi, I'm Tanner.  I was Mom's first boy cat ever ... and she was totally unprepared for how awesome man cats are!  She had no idea what a big, mushy-faced, sweetie pie purr monster I was going to be.  See, she didn't intend to keep me ... but once she got me home I really turned on my special brand of man cat charm.  I mean, I laid it on THICK!  And it worked ... she fell for me hook, line, and catnip mouse, and I've had her right where I've wanted her ever since.  Fortunately, she's so besotted, she doesn't mind in the least.  And really, why would she?  Anyone would be lucky to have such a handsome hunk sharing their pillow at night.  I'm also the resident Watch Cat ... keeping an eye out for anything unusual going on out in the street or in the backyard.  I also make sure that I'm at my post every night when Mom comes home from work.  She loves to see me waiting there for her when she pulls into the driveway, so I try to make sure I'm there, mostly just to humor her.  Also, she's the only one who can make my dinner just the way I like it.


Hi, I'm Finn. Something you should know about me is that Finn isn't actually my real first name.  It's Samuel.  Finn is my middle name.  I don't know why - ask Mom.  I'll answer to Finn, or Finny, or Finster, or Finny Winny Whiskerface ... pretty much any variation of the above, and I come running.  But if Mom says Samuel, I'm outta there!  Cause it probably means I've done something I'm going to get in trouble for ... like being up on top of the china cabinet like I am in this picture.  But even if I am naughty, which I am sometimes, because I'm still a kitten, and I like to get into mischief on occasion, Mom still loves me to bits.  She tried to get rid of me once ... back when she was pretending that she wasn't going to keep me.  She even drove me way far away to these other people's house but all I did there was hide under the bed.  It wasn't long before Mom was back to pick me up, and I was definitely glad to see her.  Mom calls me the Calamity Kid because I was pretty sickly and waifish there for awhile, and the truth is, I don't think I am ever going to be the big strapping man cat that my brother Tanner is ... but Mom's just glad I'm pretty healthy now, and so am I, because at least now she's not always trying to shove some gross medicine down my throat.  She's happy, too, because despite the fact that she initially didn't want to keep me (why, I have NO idea), she couldn't stand to be without me now.